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Tuesday, May 15th is our Spring Concert.  All students will be participating!!  Please make sure all children in grades 3-8 have a recorder.
The following grades will have a music test the week of March 12- 16,2018 :
Grade 3, 4 and 5 

Chorus:  Chorus is available to children in grades 4-8.  Chorus will be held after school on Fridays until 3pm  

Father Baker's Helping Hands is open to children in grades 5-8.  We will meet on Mondays from 2:15- 3 PM.  There will not be meetings on days off or early release days.






Music Class Rules and Grading Policy

General Rules
1. Be respectful at all times of teacher and classmates
 2. Raise your hand if you have any questions
 3. Do not touch an instrument that another student is using
 4. Come prepared to class with your folder/notebook and a PENCIL (you will make a lot of mistakes) 
 5. When working with recorders, never share or borrow someone else’s recorder
 6. Please routinely wash recorders (especially mouthpiece) with mild soap and water
Disciplinary Actions (if needed)
1. All students will receive two warnings/attempts to correct their behavior after being explained as to what action was inappropriate.
 2. If the behavior continues the student will be asked to sit out of the activity.
. 3. If the child is required to sit out  two weeks in a row one of the following may occur: Teacher/Parent conference or sent to the Principal for disciplinary action.
Grading Policy
I am hoping to make Music class a fun, educational and stress relieving class for the students.  But, grades are required and will be determined as such:
Grades Prek-2:  They will receive a score of ranging from 1- 4
 4 - Student participates fully, is prepared and tries their best at all times.
 3 – Student participates, is prepared but needs prompting to do their best
 2 - Student partly participates, not fully prepared and may have behavior warnings
 1 – Student has required multiple disciplinary actions and does not participate
Grades 3-8: Grades will NOT be based on their natural musical ability, but rather on their participation, willingness to learn, effort, assignment completion and small quiz grades.
75% -Participation and Effort
25% - Assignment and/or quiz


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