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What is STREAM?

We want  WNY to know that programming in Catholic Schools is FORWARD THINKING. At Our Lady of Victory we are educating students for their future.  STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. It inspires teachers to include and develop 21st century instructional strategies at ALL levels so that students take with them the skills necessary to flourish in today's world! In many schools around the nation, you might see STREAM referred to as STEM or STEAM.  STREAM activities are hands-on, project-based and designed to help students gain real world experience. The STREAM Education Initiative encompasses students Pre-K to 8. 


For the past two years, OLV provided a series of extra-curricular courses, known as STREAM Academy to our students. 

In May of 2016, OLV applied and received  the honor of becoming a STREAM School. With that declaration, OLV received an initial STREAM grant from the Diocese of Buffalo to kick start its efforts with the promise of mentoring, collaboration, community connections, field experiences, continuing STREAM Academy extra-curriculars and additional funding opportunities over a three year period. 

The STREAM Education Initiative is not a new curriculum, but a way to deliver curriculum with 21st century skills in mind and STREAM Education Principles as the foundation. Incremental an sustainable professional development for teachers and the STREAM Coordinator are provided along with programs at the school, throughout the year, to achieve the initiative goals. (Funded by the Diocese - Mostly)



STREAM Education Principles


21st Century Learning
  • Exposure and Emphasis in STEM


  • Critical thinking
  • Relevant - Real Life Application and Hands-on Activities


  •  Creativity
  • Children Learn by doing


  •  Collaboration
  • Community Connections with mentors and field experiences


  •  Communication
  • Interdisciplinary - How does content in a subject area relate to another?  Deeper learning takes place.



  • Infusing the Engineering Design Process across all subjects





STREAM emphasizes Best Practices to provide a 21st century education. 

How we teach must reflect how students best learn.  It must reflect the world our students will move into.  These continuous improvements and updating of programs reflect excellence in education


During the summer, teachers attended professional development classes and several received kits to use to provide extra-curricular "courses " aligned around the STREAM Principles. On Mondays, the last part of the school day, through December, OLV will conduct STREAM Academy. Students will choose among the courses offered for approximately 8-10 weeks. Students will be asked to make a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, as some of the courses are limited in size.  

The courses are ungraded, fun and learning by doing. They are built around engineering and other STREAM principles.  Courses currently will be offered to K-8 classes, with Pre-K starting later in the year.

Examples of kit courses are Arcade Academy, Lego University, Robotics, Drama. Teachers are also in the process of developing their own activities for Academy. More information, registration information and more detailed descriptions of the courses will be coming soon.  


This is an exciting time but additional support is needed. Support is needed for:

  • Supplies for both the STREAM Initiative and STREAM Academy. 
  • An improved science lab for older students
  • The purchase of specialized science kits for all students
  • The purchase of additional individual technology devices for use in the classrooms

If you would like more information or you would like to make a donation to help Our Lady of Victory's  STREAM program you can contact Ms. Marian Abram, STREAM Coordinator, at 828-9434 or via email at mabram@ourladyofvictory.org.




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