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Grade 6/Science

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Homework Log


Living Environment (Bio): 3hjrin

Science 6: 4ifq8zx

Science 7: jhhtsa

Science 7A: ubkvkuw

Science 8: sac3qa

March 12, 2020

Grade 8:  Yellowstone Food Web Mess Up Reading and Questions.

Grade 6:  Signed Volcano test for the few students that received theirs back today.  Finsh weathering vocabulary.

Living Environment:  Finish Respiratory System Regents questions.

March 11, 2020

Grade 8:  Ecology Vocab Quiz tomorrow.

Living Environment:  Active Reading  Passage and questions.

Grade 6:  Volcano test signed and returned.

March 9, 2020

Grade 7: Mechanical Advantage Worksheet

Grade 8: Ecology Vocab QUIZ on Thursday

Grade 6: Organize Volcano notes for an open-binder assessment tomorrow.  Bring in permission slip and $5 for Moog field trip on March 30th.

March 5, 2020

Grade 6: none

Grade 7: none

Grade 7A: Test signed and returned.

Grade 8: Test signed and returned,

Living Environment:  Test signed and returned.

March 4, 2020

Living Environment:  Nervous/Endocrine test Thursday.

Grade 7:  Power Calculation worksheet

Grade 8: Evolution test tomorrow.

Grade 6: Volcano Section 2 questions.

March 3, 2020

Living Environment: Nervous/Endocrine Test Thursday; Practice Test questions for homework tonight.

Grade 8: Evolution test on Thursday.

Grade 7A: Cell Cycle/Mitois/Meiosis test on Wednesday.

Grade 7:  Power Calcuation worksheet

Grade 6: Volcano mini research is due tomorrow.

March 2, 2020

Living Environment:  Test Thursday on Nervous and Endocrine Systems.

Grade 8: Test Thursday on Evolution.

Grade 7A: Test Wednesday on The Cell Cycle and Cell division.

Grade 6: Volcano mini research is due 3/5/20.

Grade 7: none

February 27, 2020

Grade 6: Volcano mini research due Wednesday, March 4.

Grade 7A: Cell division "QUEST" on Tuesday, March 3.

Living Environment:  Review notes on Nervous and Endocrine System.  Test next week.

Grade 8: none

Grade 7: none

February 26, 2020

Grade 6: color/shade the last two volcano sheets

Grade 7: Work vocab and calculation quiz tomorrow

Grade 7A: Cell Packet due Friday

Grade 8: Review Evolution Notes, test next week.

Living Environment: none

February 25, 2020

Grade 6:  Color/shade the two volcano note sheets we did in class today.

Grade 7:  Work Worksheets x 3

Grade 7A: Cell packet on Mitosis due Friday.

Grade 8: Start reviewing your notes, test next week.

Living Environment: none.

February 24, 2020

Grade 6:  Please finish the VOLCANO acrostic if it is not completed.

Grade 7:  Finish Work Calculation Problems from the binder.

Grade 7A: none

Grade 8: Finish the graph and answer the questions about the Peppered Moths.

Living Environment:  start reviewing your notes on the Nervous System.  Test next week.

February 13, 2020

Grade 6: Students may bring in a valentine to share.

Grade 7: Test signed and returned,

Grade 8: no new homework assigned.

Living Environment:  no new work assigned.

February 12, 2020

Grade 8:  10 Weird Instances of Animal Evolution Chart.  Beaks and Feet Activity also due.

Grade 6: Volcano test for some.

Living Environment: Workbook pages 478-487.

February 11, 2020

Grade 6: Volcano Vocab quiz is Thursday for those that need to re-test or were absent.

Grade 7:  Motion and Force test tomorrow.

Living Environment:  Essential Questions Quiz is due tomorrow.....it is a quiz grade!  Please see Feb 10th for additional assignments.

February 10, 2020

Grade 6:  Students that were absent last week and did not take the Volcano Vocab quiz must take it by Thursday.

Grade 7: Motion and Force test is Wednesday.  Work vocabulary is due tomorrow.

Grade 8:  Answer questions 6 and 7 on the Evolution and Selection Wksht that we worked on in class.

Living Environment:

  • due Wednesday is the Essential Questions Quiz.  Please type answer and email using google classroom.  jhennigan@olvschool.org
  • due Tuesday  is Workbook pages: 472-477.
  • due Thursday is Workbook pages 478-487.
  • due Friday are any Nervous System worksheets not completed in class.

February 6, 2020

Grade 6: Volcano Vocab quiz

Grade 7A:  Cell test

Living Environment:  Chapter 29 vocab

February 5, 2020

Grade 6: Volcano vocab quiz on Friday.

Grade 7:  Motion and Force test has been postponed due to high absenteeism.

Grade 7A: Cell Unit Test on Friday.

Grade 8:  Evolution vocab quiz tomorrow.

Living Environment:  Workbook pages 460-470.

February 4, 2020

Grade 6:  Volcano vocab quiz on Friday.

Grade 7:  Motion and Force test on Thursday

Grade 7A: Cell test on Friday.  Work on Test Review Squares

Grade 8: Evolution vocab quiz on Thursday.  Read Charles Darwin paper and answer questions.

Living Environment:  Homeostasis Worksheet due tomorrow.

February 3, 2020

Grade 6:  Finish volcano vocabulary.  Quiz Friday on these terms.

Grade 7:  Complete the Finding Momentum worksheet.

Grade 7A: Complete the cell review worksheet.

Grade 8:  Evolution vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

Living Enviroment:

  • Chapter 28 definitions due Tuesday.
  • Organization and Homeostasis Worksheet AND Homeostasis Worksheet is due on Wednesday.
  • Workbook pg. 460-470 due by Thursday.
  • Chapter 29 defintions due Friday.

January 31, 2020

Grade 7:  Motion and Force test next Thursday, February 6th.

Grade 7A: Cell Test next Thursday, February 6th.

January 30, 2020

Grade 7: Critical Reading; Questions 1-3

Grade 7A:  Lab conclusion questions.

January 29, 2020

Grade 6:  the few students that did not finish the test squares need to finish them for homework.

Living Environment:  $7 for regents review books.

Grade 8:  please send me your google slide presentation.

January 28, 2020

Grade 6:  we will finish the Earthquake test tomorrow....some did not finish.  ITEMS FOR BASKET RAFFLE.  THEME:  DECORATIONS

Living Environment:  Review of functions.  Money for math/living environment review books $7 total.

January 27, 2020

Grade 6:  We did not take the Earthquake Test today due to the Career Day Assemby.  We will try again tomorrow.

Grade 8: Genetic Research presentations continue tomorrow.  Sesame Street Genetic Projects are past due.

Living Enviroment: test signed and returned.  Finish the review of functions for the first body systems discussed in class.

January 24, 2020

Grade 6: Earthquake Test on Monday.

Grade 8: Genetic Research presentations due Monday.

January 17, 2020

Grade 8: Genetic Research project is due 1/27

January 16, 2020

Grade 8:  Finish the Sesame Street Trait Sheet; Genetic Research project due 1/27

Grade 7A: Quiz tomorrow on Cell Parts/functions; labeling of plant and animal cell

January 15, 2020

Grade 7A:  Cell part and function, labeling of cells quiz on Friday 1/17.

Grade 8:  Genetic Research Google Slide Presentation due 1/27.

January 10, 2020

Grade 8: Genetic Research Google Slide Presentations due 1/27.

January 8, 2020

Grade 8:  Punnett Square Worksheets x 3 are due on Friday.    Genetic Research Project is due Jan. 27th.

Grade 7:  Acceleration problems 1-7.

January 7, 2020

Grade 6: Earthquake Vocab quiz tomorrow.

Grade 7: Finish velocity/acceleration problems.

Grade 8:  Genetic Research signup.  Punnett Squares #4-6.

Biology:  Workbook pages 74-83 (if not finished in class)

January 3, 2020

Grade 8:  Log onto google classroom and select your Genetic Disorder to research.  This must be done by Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Grade 6: Earthquake Vocab quiz on Wednesday.

January 2, 2020

No new homework assigned

Dec 13, 2019

Living Environment:  Workbook pgs 66-72

Grade 8:  Quiz signature and finsh coloring DNA molecule

Grade 7:  Finish the graph (chart calculating speed)'

Grade 7A: none

Grade 6: Quiz Signature

Dec 12, 2019

Living Environment: none

Grade 7/7A: none

Grade 6: Quiz on Plate Tectonics: study your squares

Grade 8: none

Dec 11, 2019

Living Environment:  Start reviewing notes....test on Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration coming soon.

Grade 7: Speed Calculations #3-13

Grade 7A:  Speed Calculations 1-13

Grade 6:  Quiz on Plate Tectonics Friday

Grade 8: Meiosis Quiz Thursday.

Dec 9, 2019

Living Environment:  Wkbk pages 62-65

Grade 7: Speed Calculations 2 and b and 3 a and b.

Grade 7A: none

Grade 6: finish cut and paste if not finished in class.

Grade 8: Meiosis quiz on Thursday

Dec 4, 2019

No new homework assigned.

Dec 3, 2019

Living Environment:  Workbook pages 56-58

Grade 6:  Color the words PLATE TECTONICS AND THE THREE WORDS CONVERGENT, DIVERGENT AND TRANSFORM.  We will use this to create our next notebook interactive piece. PLEASE BRING IN BAKING BASKET ITEMS. 

Grade 7: none

Grade 8: none

Dec 2, 2019

Grade 6: Please bring in Baking Items for the Basket Raffle.  Learn the "Wrap Rap" for the Christmas Program.

Nov 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 8:  Please have your Mitosis/Cell Cycle Tests signed and return on Monday, Dec. 3!

Nov 25, 2019

No new homework assigned.

Nov 21, 2019

Grade 8: Cell Cycle Packet due tomorrow.  TEST IS NOW ON MONDAY!!!

Nov 20, 2019

Grade 7/7A: Element Quiz 91-100; finish Bohr Models

Grade 8:  Cell Cycle/Mitosis Test on Friday

Nov 18, 2019

Grade 7/7A:  Element Quiz #61-75

Biology:  Active Transport Worksheets

Nov 14, 2019

Grade 7/7A: Element Quiz #3: Elements 31-45

Grade 6: Finish Pangaea cut and paste and question page.

Nov 13, 2019

Grad7/7A: Element Quiz #2:  Elements 16-30

Nov 12, 2019

Grade 6:  Finish uploading Plate  Tectonic Writing Sample onto Google classroom.  Students absent on Friday should complete the Plate Tectonic Packet.

Grade 7/7A: Element Quiz #1 on Elements 1-15.  Cut and paste vocabulary.

Grade 8: none

Living Environment:  none

Nov 8, 2019

Grade 7/7A:  Completed index cards are due on Tuesday.  Element Quiz #1 (elements 1-15).  There is a quiz EVERYDAY until 11/22 see your calendar given out in class.

Grade 8: Cells on the Move Read Works and Writing Assignment due Tuesday, 11/13.

Grade 6: Plate Tectonics Read Works and Writing Assignment due Tuesday, 11/14.

Nov 7, 2019

Grade 7/7a:  Test signed and returned

Grade 8: Test signed and returned

Nov 5, 2019

Grade 7/7A:  Test tomorrow on Solutions and Classification of Matter.  

Grade 8:  Test tomorrow on Cell transport Systems.

Grade 6:  Study vocabulary:  Quiz on Thursday!

Living Environment:  Reinforcement 3.3 

Oct 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!!!

No Homework Tonight!

Oct 30, 2019

Grade 8:  Cell Transport Review Sheet.....to be collected and graded

Grade 7 and 7A: Mixture Wksht with scrambled words and wordsearch.

Grade 6:  Earth Interior Worksheet

Living Environment:  Cell colorings.

Oct 29, 2019

Grade 8:  Osmosis and Diffusion Labs due tomorrow.  Cell Transport Coloring Sheets must be completed by tomorrow.

Grade 7:  Homo/Heterogeneous Worksheet.


Oct 28, 2019

Living Environment:  Workbook pgs. 36-45. Read and answer the questions.

Grade 6:  Layers of the Earth Worksheet...this was started in class and was to be finished for homework if not completed.


Oct 25, 2019

Grade 8:  Google Classroom Assignment:  Osmosis and Diffusion Pre-Lab.  If this is not completed for Monday, YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE LABORATORY ACTIVITY.  The 3 types of Transport x-large coloring sheets are to be colored by Tuesday.

Grade 7:  Density quiz signed and returned on Monday.

Grade 7A: Density quiz signed and returned on Monday.

Grade 6:

Biology:  no new homework assigned

Oct 24, 2019

Grade 8:  Quiz signed by a parent and returned.

Grade 7 and 7A:  Simple Solutions Science due tomorrow.

Grade 7A: Density quiz today was postponed....you will be test tomorrow....Friday!

Biology:  Quiz signed and returned.

Oct 23, 2019

Grade 6:  no new homework

Grade 7:  Quiz on Density.

Grade 7A: Quiz on Density.

Grade 8: Simple Solutions (Peter, Ethan, Alex R); Quiz: Cell transport systems

Biology:  Enzyme quiz tomorrow.

Oct 23, 2019

Grade 6:  No new homework assigned.

Grade 7:  Quiz Thursday on Density.

Grade 7A: Quiz Thursday on Density

Grade 8:  Science Simple Solutions (SSS) due tomorrow.  Quiz on Transport across the Cell Membrane on Thursday.

Biology:  Enzyme quiz on Thursday.

Oct 18, 2019

Grade 6:  Please bring in walkathon pledge money asap.


Oct 17, 2019



Oct 15, 2019

Grades 7, 7A, 8, Biology:  Please have test signed and return to school.

Grade 7A:  Density problems #2-10 on worksheet in binder.

Living Environment:  Workbook pages 30-32

Oct 10, 2019


NO NEW HOMEWORK HAS BEEN ASSIGNED.  ****However, anyone that was absent today, Thursday 10/9, you will need to make up your Science test when you return on Tuesday.

Oct 9, 2019


Oct 8, 2019

Grade 7:  Finish Lab from today.

ALL:  study for your test on Thursday.  See below for more information.

Oct 7, 2019

Grade 6:  TEST on Thursday: Astronomy, Phases of the Moon, Seasons

Grade 7: TEST on Thursday:  Matter, Phases of Matter, Physical/Chemical Properties and Changes, Mass, Volume and Density.

Grade 8:  TEST on Thursday:  Cell Parts and Functions; Microscope Parts and Functions.  "IF I WAS" Worksheet due Tuesday.

Living Environment:  TEST on Thursday:  The 4 Bio Macromolecules.  Protein Worksheet due Tuesday.


Oct 4, 2019

Grade 6:  Complete the last daily activity on your weekly sheet.  (Most probably already did.)

Living Environment:  Lipid Worksheet

Grade 7A:  Finish up Measurement Lab.

Grade 7:  Volume Worksheet

Oct 3, 2019

ALL:  Join Science Google Classroom.  See class codes below.  Must be done tonight!!!!

Grades 6, 7,8:  Writing Sample is due tomorrow!!!

Grade 7:  Rounding to the nearest tenth worksheet.

Grade 6:  Daily Activity Sheet due Monday.

Oct 2, 2019

ALL:  Join your Science Google classroom by Friday.  Codes listed below.

          Science 6: 4ifq82X

          Science 7: jhhtsa

          Science 7 advanced:  ubkvkuw

          Science 8: sac3qa

          Living Environment: 3hjrin

Grade 6:  Writing Sample: History of Astronomy is due Friday.  Daily Activity Sheet is also due Friday.

Grade 7:  Writing Sample:  Vaccinations is due Friday.  Volume Worksheet.

Grade 8: Writing Sample:  Importance of Microscope in Science is due Friday.  All weekly labs are due by Friday.

Oct 1, 2019

ALL:  Join your Science Google classroom by Friday.  Codes listed below.

Science 6: 4ifq82X

Science 7: jhhtsa

Science 7 advanced:  ubkvkuw

Science 8: sac3qa

Living Environment: 3hjrin

Grade 6:  Daily Activity Sheet in binder.  You should complete Monday and Tuesday drawings.

Sept 27, 2019

Grade 6:  Please bring a flashlight to school for a science activity.

Grade 7 and 7A:  Changes in Matter Worksheet:  Sections 3.3 True and False; Critical Reading and Multiple Choice

Sept 26, 2019

Grade 7:  Short quiz on identifying Physical and Chemical Properties/Changes

Sept 25, 2019

Grade 7:  Page 7 in binders.  Physical and Chemical Changes

Grade 7A:  Page 7 and 8 in binders.

Living Environment:  finish workbook pg. 29

Sept 24, 2019

Grade 7 and 7A:  finish coloring the Physical and Chemical Properties Note Page

Living Environment;  Finish the Characteristics of Life Packet

Sept 23, 2019

ALL GRADES:  Have Science Test signed by a parent and returned for a homework grade.

Sept 18, 2019

Grade 6:  Test on Friday:  see below

Grade 7:  Test on Friday:  see below   (change from Thursday)

Grade 7A:  Test on Thursday

Grade 8:  Test on Friday  (change from Thursday);  Finish Egg Drop Lab Write Up

Living Environment:  Test on Friday

Sept 16, 2019

Grade 6:  Test on Friday:  Steps to the Scientific Method; Qualitative and Quantitative Observations, Inferencing

Grade 7:  Test  on Thursday.  Scientific Method, Variables, Observations, Inferences

Grade 8: Test on Thursday.  Scientific Method, Variables, Observations, Inferences.  Read pg. 4-10 in textbook and answer ALL margin questions that appear on those pages.

Sept 13, 2019

Grade 7 Advanced:  Complete both sides of the Scientific Method Review Sheet

Grade 8:  Students were given an egg to take home and prepare for a 3 story drop next week.  The egg is due back to school by lab day which is Wednesday.

Sept 12, 2019

Grade 8:  Students were given an egg to take home and prepare for a 3 story drop next week.  The egg is due back to school on Wednesday.

Sept 11, 2019

Grade 8:  Students were given an egg to take home and prepare for a 3 story drop next week.  The egg is due back to school on Wednesday.

Any one that did not finish the lab assignment should finish it tonight and turn it in tomorrow.

Sept 10, 2019

Grade 6/7/8:  Find 3 objects at home and write a qualitative and quantitative characteristic for each.

Sept 9, 2019

Living Environment: Workbook: Read pgs 9-11 and answer #1-6 on pg. 11.



plPLEASE Philosophy

I believe each child is unique. They are unique in their ideas, learning potential, socio-economic status, feelings, attitudes and motivation. It is the job of an educator to try to reach each aspect of a child’s unique character traits and develop the whole child intellectually, socially and morally. At the same time, all children deserve to be treated equally and feel safe and secure in the classroom setting. Therefore, it is my duty to instill rules and procedures for all students to follow to ensure that their safety and respect is upheld at all times.



Teachers are not in the business to fail students. Therefore, I believe it is important to assess students after they have had ample practice at a skill. Students are always given prior notice when an assignment will be graded. Tests and quizzes are sent home to be signed by a parent, regardless of grade. Assignments given in and outside of class will be signed by a parent only when a student receives a failing grade.


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