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Mrs. O'Connell (Mrs. O)

Grade 8/Math

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Wednesday 10/17

Math 8   The following need to be turned in.   Bat puzzle on Scientific Notation, project on Tiny Town meets Giantville.   Sheet that was given out yesterday in my absence is due on Thursday.  Test Corrections by Wednesday of next week.  Tonight: Homework 2 on Translations

Math 9  Chapter Review should be worked on up to current lesson.  Test Friday.  Today:  2.9   

Math 7 A  Worksheet distributed yesterday is due on Thursday,  Homework 4 Side 1 only

Math 7 Worksheet from yesterday is due on Thursday.  Test on Thursday. 

Math 6:  Worksheet given out on Monday is due tomorrow.  We have a test on Tuesday from Lessons 1-22  Module test.  Then we will finish the module and have a quiz ONLY on the material that comes next.    A review sheet will be passed out and we will work on it together.  


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