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Mrs. O'Connell (Mrs. O)

Grade 8/Math

Supply List

Thursday 12/13

I will not be in tomorrow but am available by email if anything needs my attention.

Math 8  Inserted worksheet on No Solution, Many solutions, one solution

Math 9  5.5

Math 7A  Homework 8

Math 7 PREPARE for your quiz

Math 6  Lesson15 # 1-3



Wednesday 12/12

Math 8 Lesson 5 Problem Set

Math 9 Homework 5.4

Math 7A Nothing due to test

Math 7 Review for test

Math 6 Complete lesson work from class



Tuesday 12/11

Math 8  Completed test

Math 9 Corrections by Friday, Homework 5.3

Math 7A   Quiz tomorrow; Homework 7

Math 7  Do three practice problems from class; test on Friday

Math 6  Work on your coordinate plane picture due on Thursday.  Must be colored to get 100% 



Monday 12/10

Math 8  nothing written, completing test

Math 9:  Homework 2, corrections by Friday

Math 7A: Angles and Inequalities quiz on Wednesday.   Homework 6 # 1-10

Math 7:  Quiz on Friday, solving equations.   Homework is the selected problems circled in classs

Math 6  First two columns on the coordinate plane mystery sheet


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