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Mrs. Mullins


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September Birthdays...

21- George

23- Shakir


Sight Words...

the    a    see


Weekly Reminders...

*This week's Cycle Days are E through C.         

*Friday is our Grandparents' Day Mass and Craft event. If you have yet to respond how many of your child's grandparents will be attending, please let me know by Monday. We need time to get the materials together and prepped. Thank you for your consideration in this matter!

*Back to School/ Meet the Teacher Night will be held this Wednesday beginning at 6pm. This is a meeting for adults only. I look forward to seeing you then!

*Scholastic book orders are due by Tuesday, September 27th.


Home Learning...

Mon. 9/26

Math- wkbk pages 65-66     ELA- print Oo, Pp

Tues. 9/27

Math- wkbk pages 73-74     ELA- print Qq, Rr

Wed. 9/28

Math- wkbk pages 79-80     ELA- print Ss, Tt

Thurs. 9/29

Math- wkbk pages none    ELA- print Uu, Vv


Weekly Objectives...

Math- Review counting objects in groups of 0 through 5; use one-to-one correspondence to determine whether groups are equal, greater than, or less than one another; draw diagrams to solve problems; identify numbers from 1 to 5 in sequence understanding that each successive number name is referring to an amount that is one larger

ELA- Recognize and print letters Qq through Zz; spell and read sight word "the",  "a" and "see"; identify how many words are in sentences; define noun and common noun; identify how to read a text (L to R, top to bottom); identify author and illustrator and describe what they do; identify characters, setting, and details in a story; answer comprehension questions about a story; continue working on opinion pieces of writing; identify and build rhyming words; discuss characteristics of poetry; use singular and plural present tense verbs; identify and count syllables in words

Religion- Share ways they can help to care for God's creation

Science- List and define each of the 5 Senses; compare and contrast the senses; explore using their 5 Senses



My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that children are a special gift from God, each with his own talents and strengths. Our classroom is faith-based, with an emphasis on Christian Virtues.To reach each child, I use various forms of differentiated instruction in an attempt to assist each child in reaching his highest potential. My classroom is one of respect, acceptance, and support of one another.

I believe emotional engagement is essential to learning, and that begins with me. In my classroom, you will regularly hear singing, laughter, and conversations taking place, along with both whole and small group collaboration. Kindergarten is place where social skills and imagination are nurtured and created.

In addition, I am a strong advocate for positive home-school connections. I believe that together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of each child that walks through my classroom door.


Kindergarten At a Glance

Math- count to tell the number of objects; compare numbers; understand addition is putting together and subtraction is taking apart; classify objects; make simple patterns; identify, describe and build 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes; work to identify place value for numbers 11-20; count to 100

ELA- identify and decode initial and final consonant sounds and short vowel sounds; emergent reading takes place; develop and answer questions about a text; retell stories, identify characters, setting, main idea, details, and differentiate between literary and informational texts; know and apply phonics to writing; use a combination of drawing, dictating, oral expression and emergent writing to state an opinion, supply information, narrate events in sequence, or personal response; differentiate between nouns and verbs, complete and incomplete sentences; explore new vocabulary and word meanings/relationships

Social Studies- describe self and others, along with what makes each unique; recite address and phone number; experience and understand what is involved in own and other holidays and traditions; locate NY and USA on a map; define and give examples of needs and wants; recognize and explain importance of US symbols; compare why we have rules and consequences; compare/contrast life of children now to past

Science- name, identify, locate body parts, compare/contrast five senses; name the four seasons and identify characteristics of each; compare/contrast healthy and unhealthy foods; define, give examples, and compare/comntrast living and nonliving things; identify needs for plants, animals, and humans; explain the water cycle; define and locate habitats on a map; characterize similarities and differences; identify parts of a plant; identify four stages of a butterfly's life cycle; explain how push/pull effect the motion of an object

Religion- identify major people in the Old Testament; know that Jesus belonged to a family that loved and cared for one another; understand Jesus taught people about how God cares for everyone; discuss Sacraments; idnetify priests as people chosen by God to lead us in prayer at Mass; state awareness that God forgives when people are sorry; understand we are children of God; participate in prayer; memorize the Sign of the Cross and Glory Be; know that God calls all to love and serve him; know that we respect all life; explain Jesus asks us to share the story of his love for all; explain we are followers of God


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