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Mrs. Mullins


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Getting to Know Mrs. Mullins

         Hi! My name is Mrs. Mullins, and I am excited to be the Kindergarten teacher at Our Lady of Victory Elementary School. This is my 10th year at OLV, and my 25th year as a catholic school educator. One of the main reasons I love teaching at Our Lady of Victory is that on a daily basis, we engage in faith-based learning. I enjoy having the ability to bring God into any lesson or situation that may arise throughout the day. Teaching at the school founded by Venerable Nelson Baker is a privilege, one I enjoy sharing with the children each day. 

         An Orchard Park resident, I am married, with three children, all of whom attend Our Lady of Victory School. My husband and I chose OLV for our children, not only for the excellent educational program and experiences which are offered, but also because of the strong bond between the teachers and children. It truly is a family atmosphere, where much learning takes place. Teachers are invested in the education and well-being of all children who walk through the door.

         In my free time, I enjoy vacationing with my family. We love zoos, aquariums, the beach, and Disney! I am an avid reader, cross-stitcher, and crafter. I am a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres! I also enjoy hiking in the woods and even have 12 egg laying chickens!

         As your child’s teacher, it is my goal to provide a safe environment for learning, growing, and developing. Each day your child will be greeted at the door with a smile! Upon entering my classroom you will hear laughter and conversations, as well children engaged in learning, whether it is in small groups or via hands-on learning activities. My goal is to teach each child with a level of enthusiasm meant to foster a lifelong love for learning. 




Our Week at a Glance

June Birthdays...

5- Ella     7- Theo

Summer Birthdays...

July 18- Aubrie     August 29- Patrick     


Sight Words...

and   a   an   are   at   by   big   can   did   go   got   good   he   his   has   here   it   I   in   is   lot   my   me   no   not   one   on   of   put   ran   see   she   sits   to   the   two   this   very   we   was   with   you   be   do   had   ten   but   look   up   want   for   him   us   her   help   they   too   yes   have   six   some   hot   where   or   get    come   from   if  stop   as   our   red   that   must    said   when   down   off   so   will   back   let   were   what   could   now   this   then   tell   well   who   your


Upcoming Kindergarten Events...

*Monday, June 5th- Early Dismissal at 1pm

*Tuesday, June 6th- Spring Concert at 1pm

*Thursday, June 8th- Donuts with Dad at 9am

*Friday, June 9th- Field Day at 9am

*Monday, June 12th or Tuesday, June 13th- Dairy Queen field trip at 12:45pm

*Wednesday, June 14th- Fire Station field trip at 12:45pm

*Friday, June 16th- Kindergarten Graduation at 9:30am


Weekly Reminders...

This week's Cycle Days are F, A, B, C, D.

*Please return the Donuts with Dad RSVP slip by Monday! Thank you!

*Please sign and return the permission slip for the Fire Station and Dairy Queen field trips by Monday, June 5th. Thank you!

*Monday, June 5th is a Dress Down Day for $1.00 and a 1pm Early Dismissal.

*Our Spring Program is Tuesday, June 6th at 1pm in the gym. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Donuts with Dad will be held in the cafeteria and begin at 9am on Thursday.

*Our Field Day activities will be held this Friday, June 9th. Please put sunscreen on your child before sending him/her to school that day.



Home Learning...

We are done with Home Learning for the year. Thank you for your dedication to assisting your child with his/her work at home. :o)


Weekly Objectives...

Math- Compare numbers to 20; add and subtract; fill in a bar graph 

ELA- Answer questions and make connections using text evidence; read and spell high-frequency words; read connected text with accuracy; evaluate details to determine their importance; identify and match sounds with corresponding letters; identify fact and opinion; produce rhyming words; work on oral fluency when reading

Social Studies- Learn about American symbols focusing on the bald eagle, American flag, and the Liberty Bell

Religion- Explore the significance of Mass; understand Jesus is present at Mass; discover the importance of listening to Jesus; demonstrate being kind and fair; explain that Jesus taught people how much God loves them




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