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Sight Words...

I     am     can    the    little    see    a    on    like    to    it    is    big    what    have    my    good    we     did     you    not    look    he    my    do    no    yes    this    and     or    are     up     down    her    she    make    they    where   with     we     play    one    go    day    of    said    that    all    read    find    for


Weekly Reminders...

*We will not have anymore Math homework this year. Therefore, there it is not necessary to visit Google Classroom!

*Please make sure your child comes to school with a jacket each day. We will be taking walks outside as the weather permits.


Weekly Homework...

Monday 5/17...      ELA- sight words and sentences K5.5

Tuesday 5/18...     ELA- mixed review wkst Day #3; sight words and sentences K5.5

Wednesday 5/19... ELA- "all" sentence wkst; sight words and sentences K5.5                        

Thursday 5/20...  ELA- emergent reader; sight words and sentences K5.5


Weekly Objectives...

Math... review of 3-D shapes; benchmark assessments reviewing all concepts taught this year

ELA... count and identify syllables in words; discriminate initial consonant sounds; write complete sentences in the Journal using inventive spelling; identify characters; identify and describe setting; sequence story events using beginning, middle, and end; read for comprehension; identify main idea and details; retell a story; use text to locate answers to questions; build CVC words; identify missing sounds in words; substitute medial sounds; blend sounds; substitute phonemes; work on oral fluency; insert missing medial sounds into words; insert correct ending punctuation; decode long vowel words where the vowel is the last letter of the word; identify initial and final consonant sounds; make text to self connections; learn to decode CVCe words; identify cause and effect

Religion... learn about the rosary; pray a decade of the rosary daily; learn about Mary, the Mother of God

Science... list and explain the 4 stages of a butterfly's life cycle; identify parts of a butterfly's body


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