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Sight Words...

I     am     can    the    little    see    a    on    like    to    it    is    big    what    have    my    good    we     did     you    not    look    he    my    do    no    yes    this    and     or    are     up     down    her    she    make    they    where   with     we     play


February Birthdays...

 3- Ethan    6- Haley


Weekly Reminders...

*Our theme basket theme for OLV Sweeps this year is FUN IN THE SUN. Please send in items that go along with this theme. Classes which collect 40+ items will receive a Pizza Party! Thank you in advance for your participation!

*Due to the pandemic, we are asked to leave a window open to aide in air circulation throughout the classroom each day. If your child has a school sweatshirt or fleece, please send it to school each day, just in case s/he gets cold.

*All children are asked to bring a healthy snack from home each day. We have had some leftover components from past breakfasts that we've given out to the children without a daily snack. Those, however, have run out. If you would like your child to have a daily snack, then it must be provided by you from home. Thank you.

*Please make sure your child comes to school with a jacket, hat, and gloves/mittens. We will be taking walks outside as the weather permits.


Weekly Homework...

Monday 2/22... Math-  wkbk 493-494        ELA- orally read sight words and sentences K4.1

Tuesday 2/23... Math- wkbk 499-500     ELA- mixed review wkst #19; orally read sight words and sentences K4.1                                                         

Wednesday 2/24... Math- none     ELA- "down" sight word wkst; orally read sight      words and sentences K4.1                            

Thursday 2/25... Math- none      ELA- KIDSA-Z ONLINE READING ASSIGNMENTorally review reading your weekly sight words and sentences for tomorrow's oral assessment; orally    read decodable book for fluency


Weekly Objectives...

Math... use direct comparison to compare length and height of objects; problem solve; compare objects by weight

ELA... discriminate and list rhyming words; count and identify syllables in words; discriminate initial consonant sounds; write complete sentences in the Journal using inventive spelling; compare and contrast; identify characters; identify and describe setting; sequence story events; read for comprehension; retell a story; use text to locate answers to questions; build CVC words; decode initial /w/ sound; identify missing sounds in words; substitute medial sounds; blend sounds; substitute phonemes; define noun; define verb; give examples of verbs; sort short vowel sounds in words; work on oral fluency; build short words with short vowel sounds; identify parts of a sentence

Religion... learn about the Sacrament of Baptism; visit the Church with Father Justin to learn about Baptism

Science... learn about the water cycle; learn about winter animals and their adaptations on a virtual field trip to the Buffalo Zoo

Social Studies... learn about globes and maps; learn about our place on the earth



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