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Sight Words...

I     am     can    the    little    see    a    on    like    to    it    is    big    what    have    my    good    we

November Birthdays..

 5- Alexis          15- Aubrie

Weekly Reminders...

*Just a reminder... Wednesday, November 11th is the Veteran's Day holiday. There is NO SCH0OOL.  

*Book orders are due by this coming Friday, November 13th.

*Due to the pandemic, we are asked to leave a window open to aide in air circulation throughout the classroom each day. If your child has a school sweatshirt or fleece, please send it to school each day, just in case s/he gets cold.

*All children are asked to bring a healthy snack from home each day. We have had some leftover components from past breakfasts that we've been giving out to the children without a daily snack. Those, however, are running out. If you would like your child to have a daily snack, then it must be provided from you, at home. Thank you.

*Please work with your child to memorize the phone number in their homework notebook. They will be individually assessed orally on Monday, November 9th.

*Please assist your child in memorizing your home address. They will be individually assessed orally next week.

*Please make sure your child comes to school with a jacket or sweater. We will be taking walks outside as the weather permits.

Weekly Homework...

Monday 11/9... Math- wkbk 195-196      ELA- mixed review worksheet; learn sight words and sentences

Tuesday 11/10... Math- 201-202   ELA- read book at home aloud; orally read sight words

Wednesday 11/11... Math-            ELA-   

Thursday 11/12... Math- none     ELA- sight word 'a' worksheet; orally review reading your weekly letters, words, and sentences for tomorrow's assessment


Weekly Objectives...

Math...name, recognize, count, and write numerals 16-19 using concrete objects and illustrations; review numbers 11-17

ELA... discriminate and list rhyming words; count and identify syllables in words; discriminate initial consonant sounds; write complete sentences in the Journal using inventive spelling; compare and contrast; identify characters; identify and describe setting; read for comprehension; use text to locate answers to questions; build CVC words; decode initial /c/ sound; identify missing sounds in words; substitute medial sounds; isolate final /s/ sound; blend sounds; substitute phonemes

Religion... learn about the Bible story 'Jesus is the Good Shepherd'; discover that God loves and cares for everyone

Social Studies... continue memorizing my phone number and my home address; learn about Veteran's Day and it's significance



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