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*Congratulations to Emma for meeting her Book It goal!!laugh  Please encourage your child to keep reading.  

Words We Know...  I    am    little    the     a     to     have     is     and     we    my    like


This week we will be... showing ways to make 6, 7, 8, and  9 using concrete objects; decomposing the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9; counting syllables in words; reading simple text; decoding initial and final sound /k/;  identifying setting; making predictions; retelling stories; predicting; classifying nouns as singular or plural, common or proper; identifying initial consonant sounds; practicing realism and fantasy; learning about the birth of Jesus; identifying what living things need to survive; differentiating between fact and opinion; reflecting on what we read; explaining our opinions; following oral directions to complete a task

Weekly Homework... 

Mon. 12/10    Math- 273-274       ELA- like

Tues. 12/11   Math-  279-280      ELA- sight words         

Wed. 12/12    Math- 285-286       ELA- blending words

Thurs. 12/13   Math-      ELA-  


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