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Mrs. Michalewski

Grade 5

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Parent's - Please be advised that Fidget Spinners will not be allowed in our classroom or those of our specials teachers.  I have checked into the validity of these spinners for the purpose of helping students focus but have not found any real value to them.  I have actually witnessed the exact opposite.  If a doctor prescribes a spinner or fidget cube for your child, we will consider that a prescription, and it will be allowed, but as far as we can see, they are a distraction to the child using them and to other children around them. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Skating Party and Track Meet have been cancelled for tonight.

Homework - Social Studies pg. 199 # 1-2 


Tonight's Homework:

Math- pg. 747 # 2-10

Study Corporal Works of Mercy 



Welcome back and Happy Easter !  We are into the last stretch and with only 37 school days left before exams, we have lots to do. I have already begun to talk about exams, which will be given in every subject.  NO PROJECTS for final assessments.  Everything that will be included in exams will come home as a worksheet, study guide, vocabulary list, etc. well before exams begin.  Please help your child organize exam work in a folder, notebook, etc. I have already suggested that students begin going over vocabulary lists in Science and Social Studies from their notebooks.  There will still be more to learn, so make the most of any free time between now and June. 

Tonight's Homework:

Social Studies - text pg. 186 People and Places #1-10  Use biographical dictionary or gazetteer in back of book.

ELA- workbook pg. 186 # 6-10

Begin planning an advertisement which we will work on this Friday in class.  Choose a product to advertise, think of a slogan, loaded words, or any technique that we have discussed to present your product. (pg. 185)  You may use anything from cars to catsup; pencils to popcorn. Just start thinking of some clever ways to advertise.





My goal is to create an environment where my students feel loved, respected, and accepted for who they are. Where they will learn to think independently and in cooperation with classmates to solve problems and explore questions. My hope is that my students will enjoy learning in a relaxed environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and learn from their mistakes.

Respect for God, others, and ourselves is primary in my classroom. Students are taught to use the gifts and talents that God has given them and to accept their limitations while always striving to do their very best.


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