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Mrs. Michalewski

Grade 5

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Although we normally do not have week-end homework, we do have a Chapter test in Science on Monday.  You should be studying vocabulary, notes and worksheets on forces and motion.  Be sure to know Newton's Laws of Motion.  Enjoy your week-end.


Tonight's homework:

* Math page word problems.

* Read Las Papas in Esperanza

* Study for Spanish and Spelling tests on Friday

*** Due to the skating party on Thursday and the other tests on Friday, I have rescheduled the Science test on Chapter 2 for next Monday.

Please note:  Tomorrow you will receive a notification and opt- out form for our Diocesan Sexual Abuse and Awareness class.  This is a diocesan lesson taught each year in all grades.  It is only a single lesson.  If you prefer your child not be present for this lesson, please be sure to sign the form and return it before next Tuesday, 3/28 when the lesson will be presented.  I will send more specific information tomorrow.




Happy Spring!

So much to do before our Easter break! 

Test tomorrow on Social Studies unit on exploration.  Be sure you study from the review sheet you received today.

Friday will be our test in Science on Force and Motion.

Notes and information on these tests were given last week. Hopefully you studied over the week-end.

Spelling words 5x each.

Don't forget Spring Pictures tomorrow.


My goal is to create an environment where my students feel loved, respected, and accepted for who they are. Where they will learn to think independently and in cooperation with classmates to solve problems and explore questions. My hope is that my students will enjoy learning in a relaxed environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and learn from their mistakes.

Respect for God, others, and ourselves is primary in my classroom. Students are taught to use the gifts and talents that God has given them and to accept their limitations while always striving to do their very best.


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