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Monday, September 25, 2017

There is no formal homework assignment today, due to the Bills win over Denver! However, several things were written in student planners for SS 7.

SS 7: See the assignment below. As I indicated to you on Friday, since many of you did not check this page and did not do the assignment, it is due Wednesday, without excuse.

Several people were absent in SS 7 today.  Expect to make up the Social Studies Information Text test in your Study Hall with me. Please make arrangements to pick up the hand-out today titled : Help

STREAM ARCADE ACADEMY:  Clean out  and look for:   games pieces, interesting recyclable material, duct tape, ping pong balls, marbles, puffs, rubber balls, paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes, PVC pieces, etc.etc., plastic wrap, aluminum foil

 Things that someone who is designing an Arcade game might use.

Need at least 10 never used, clean large (not sheet)  pizza boxes . I already asked Bella, so try another Pizzeria.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

SS 5 Master the Material in your I.N. on Latitude and Longitude. Complete page 8 in your packet.

SS 6 Complete p. 8 Map Master Skills, Latitude and Longitude

SS 7 Junior Scholastic, page 12-13  Fighting Fake News Read twice, highlight less is more and Annotate, Do the core question, 3 paragraphs minimum.

SS 8 Junior Scholastic p. 14-15,16-17Danger Zones, Read twice the remainder of the article , Annotate with at least 3 dangers or problems for U.S foreign policy; Do not do the core question

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Parents:  I hope to see you tonight at the Back to School Night Program. The general meeting for grades 1-8  will start promptly at 6:00 P.M. so please come a few minutes earlier. The meeting will be in the school cafeteria.After the general meeting by you will go to Grade 1-5 classrooms. Grade 6-8 classroom teachers will be presenting in the Cafeteria.  You will also have an opportunity to sign up for 5 week Parent Conferences. 


SS 8 - We completed a lesson on compromise, in preparation to learning about the compromises that were made in the U.S 1820-1860 regarding States Rights and the institution of Slavery. We completed a second class today, dissecting the issue of Fake News and how to find reliable sources. Students are to complete reading, highlighting and annotating the last two sections of the Article on p. 12-13 of Junior Scholastic and answering the core question at the bottom of p. 13 on lined paper. Use the article for evidence, minimum 3 paragraphs.

SS 7: p. 4 handout, place in the current I.N., Section 1 Notetaking guide: How did early civilizations develop in the Americas?   and p. 15 handout, Notetaking Study Guide : How did different cultures and traditions develop around the world?  Only the first three boxes in the chart.

SS 6:  We are learning about the 5 themes of Geography, and specifically Location. We have learned about Latitude and Longitude and what the grid looks like on a globe. STUDENTS must master this information tonight, using the handout p. 2 Location. We continue to practice highlighting using a less is more concept and annotating text.

SS 5: We are learning about the 5 themes of Geography, and specifically Location. We have learned about Latitude and Longitude and what the grid looks like on a glove.  STUDENTS must master this information tonight., using the handout p.2 Location. We continue to practice highlighting using a less is more approach and annotating. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Today was "registration" for grades 5-8 for STREAM Academy. From 1:30 to 2:15, students were shown a course list and asked to pick their top 3 choices. STREAM Academy courses are one part of the STREAM Education Initiative. These courses are non graded, non homework, hands on and fun. Thank the school's teachers, for each and every one is teaching/organizing a course. Session 1 will run every Monday, 1:30 to 2:15. On early dismissal Mondays the courses will run earlier. Students are asked to turn in their choices by tomorrow (if they haven't already done so) to their homeroom teacher. They will be notified later in the week of which course they will take. ATTENDANCE counts. In these courses, students participate in teams and collaborate to get fun tasks completed. If a student is absent, it negatively impacts the production of the entire team. 

Social Studies 8 : No class today

Social Studies 7: Class handout from Friday ; two pages ( 6 paragraphs and questions); These are your Interactive Notetaking Guide and align with the lesson given in class last Friday and today on the Roots of the American People.  Today I handed out an additional chart to be filled and apparently two different charts were distributed. This was brought to my attention at 2:15. Ignore the chart until we can talk about it in class tomorrow.

SS 6 - Bring 20 index cards to class.

SS 5 - Bring 20 index cards to class.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Social Studies 8: We discussed the time period from 1820-1860 and the different path development of the "North" and the "South". We discussed two major differences/issues during that period as  slavery/abolition and States rights/nullification.   We categorized the North as more "industrialized/urbanized" and the South as more agrarian/plantation like. We discussed the differences between the economies and labor forces. 

The Interactive Note-taking book was returned to students. We modeled a guided reading of pages 170,171,172, especially annotating the Key Event Time Line and the essential question.

Students are assigned:  complete p. 170,171 and 172 (The Industrial Revolution)  and to punch the following pages into their I.N. Titled the Civil War. 170-183 and 212-244.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Social Studies 8: If you did not finish your assignment from yesterday, finish it. Junior Scholastic subscription payment is due:  $9.25, cash or check to OLV, in an envelope to Ms.Abram, with student name and grade. 
In class we put together a packet of 20 vocabulary cards, (cable tie) and reviewed major elements of the Constitution (unit from last year) close reading and discussing the article on p. 4-5 of Junior Scholastic (JS, Sept. 4, 2017) 
Make vocabulary cards ( glossary def., 2 context clues and demonstrating original sentence) for all the words on p. 4. You have already practiced most of this assignment in class. 
Be sure you have been assigned a textbook, cover it (preferably brown paper bag) and write your name in it with the school year 2017-2018 ( inside cover) . Do not carry your textbook to class unless it is requested. As always bring to class your current I.N., your Today's News folder and your properly outfitted pouch to class everyday. Starting tomorrow, homework assignments will count towards Breakfast of Champions for the first trimester. 

Social Studies 7:  We discussed developing nations,diplomatic, industrialized nations, exports, imports in class using Junior Scholastic , Sept. 4, p. 4-5 Constitution 101. We will be doing a more indepth unit on the Constitution and Government of the United States a little later in the year. We discussed the purpose of a primary election ( held yesterday) and Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts.  Junior Scholastic subscription payment is due now.  $9.25 cash or check ( made out to OLV School) in a sealed envelope, to Ms. Abram with grade , student name, Junior Scholastic. 
Make vocabulary cards (glossary def., 2 context clues, one demonstrating sentence) for all the vocabulary words on p. 4-5 of the current Junior Scholastic.  Check to see that you have been assigned a textbook, be sure it is covered (brown paper bag preferred). You do not need to carry your textbook to class each day. I will request it from time to time. Starting tomorrow, homework assignments will count towards Breakfast of Champions for the first trimester. 
Social Studies 6:  We practiced "less is more" highlighting, using the hand out "The five themes of geography". Students must work on organization skills such that hand outs are punched into I.N.'s immediately.  Be sure you have been assigned a textbook and that it is covered (preferably with a brown paper bag) and that you have written your name and school year, 2017-2018 in the inside cover.Do not bring the textbook to class each day. I will ask for it from time to time, but it need not be carried to class each day. 
I checked all I.N.'s for the completed Eastern Hemisphere map, the Five Themes of Geography handout. If you did not complete this ( and many of you did not) finish this tonight. Starting tomorrow, homework assignments will count toward Breakfast of Champions.
Payment for World History Studies Weekly is due, $6.55 cash or check ( made out to OLV school) to Ms. Abram in a sealed envelope, marked with World History, Student name and grade. 
Social Studies 5:  We modeled (were editors and gave stars and wishes)  the writing assignment that was yesterday's homework.  Students were asked to make a poster writing 3-4 inches high, quoting their writing from yesterday. They picked one original  sentence of their writing (not Dr. Suess)  that they liked the best, that reflected a theme of Oh the Places you'll Go.  They were also asked to add a picture that expressed their chosen sentence.   Starting tomorrow, homework assignments will count towards Breakfast of Champions. Payment for New World Studies Weekly is due. $7.55 cash or check (made out to OLV school) in a sealed envelope to Ms. Abram, with Student name, Grade, New World Studies Weekly written on front of envelope. 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
For all Social Studies students (Grades 5,6,7,8)  and their parents/guardians.

The key to success this first full week of school is mastering organization and being ready for class. There is no greater time waster than being unprepared with the basic materials for class. Organization is to practiced every day. It takes a few minutes but pays great dividends.  The following terms and organization hints are to be mastered now.
I.N. - Interactive notebook; This is a paper notebook with pockets and prongs and is brought to class each day. It represents the current topic/unit or a special topic/project.   All handouts given in class must be 3 hole punched into this folder each day and put in chronological /date order. NO loose papers are to be kept in the pockets except for the class newspaper or magazine.  Students must keep this I.N. organized each day.  I have kept the 11 remaining folders organized in the classroom for the students and they will be distributed as we change units or do a special project. If students have not turned in 11 folders (keeping one to use now) this must be completed as soon as possible, as not doing so is impacting the class, teacher and the student. Parents please look at the I.N.'s and student work.  Homework assignments are also completed in the I.N. I collect the I.N.'s and rate the homework or assignment.  I write notes to students and parents. I ask parents to sign certain papers.  I.N's always contain 15 sheets of blank lined paper to start and must be ready in the I.N. each time a new topic is begun. If this successful procedure is followed, students do not leave papers home, in their locker or lose the paper.  
Portfolio:  This is a blue plastic folder with pockets (no prongs). The folder is kept in the classroom for 3-4 years and is only purchased once. Only 5th and 6th graders were asked to purchase this folder. The folder contains student tests, writing samples, rubric grades for projects and other assessments.  Portfolios may be viewed by parent and teacher. If interested, please contact me.
Today's New = Tomorrow's History: A blue plastic folder with pockets that is kept by the student and brought to class each day. This is contains Junior Scholastic (7/8 grades), current events assignments, discussion questions related to current events or topics of student interest.
Pouch - This is a zippered pouch, sturdy, not overpacked. It comes to classes everyday and are the basic tools for success.  It contains the basic materials needed for all subjects. 2 pens, 2 sharpened pencils, eraser, scissors, school glue (not glue sticks), small pack of color media (8 crayons, 8 pencils, not sharpies), highlighter, hand-held hole punch, 7 index cards ( if the teacher needs more on a particular day, she will tell the students to have them for the next day) 
Textbooks:  Are not carried to class and are mainly used for vocabulary assignments. Various workbooks that were ordered have not come in.  I am providing handouts , which must be day ( Monday, Tues, etc) and dated, and put in I.N. chronologically. These materials are study materials and should be reviewed for 10 minutes each night. 
Social Studies 8:
Improve the annotating, if needed of the Words to know on p. 4, Junior Scholastic (Sept. 4, 2017). We gave examples in class.
On your own complete reading and understanding (look in the article on p. 4-5 for context clues) of media literacy, NATO, sanction , undocumented. Look in the article for context clues and  use these to highlight and annotate these for the vocabulary words.  
Organization: Last Friday, you were to organize your first I.N. with 15 sheets of lined paper and punch 20 index cards.  I will provide cable ties (thank you parents!) in class to secure them. There was no homework assignment on Friday. 
Social Studies 7:  
Be sure you have your current I.N. set up with 15 sheets of lined paper; 20 punched index cards; Bring this folder and Today's News which contains the Junior Scholastic you were given in class today. 
Social Studies 6:
Be sure you have your current I.N. set up ( 15 sheets of lined paper)  with the handouts punched, day/dated  from today: Eastern Hemisphere Map and 5 themes of Geography.  Finish classwork- color the continents of the Eastern Hemisphere, color the title the 5 themes of Geography.  Cirlce the 5 words in the first sentence which represent "less is more" for highlighting as demonstrated in class today. 
Social Studies 5: Be sure you have your current I.N. set up with 15 sheets of lined paper, hand-out punched, day/dated : Western hemisphere, 5 themes of geography.
On the index card we set up in class, on the lined side, thinking about the themes in Oh the Places You'll Go and that we reviewed in class today, Pick one of the themes that grabbed you (resonated with you) describe the theme, write about a personal experience where that theme related and then write how learning about the theme might help support you this year.  example: in a slump, the waiting place , the famous place, "you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer your yourself in any direction you chose.  Write in a well developed paragraph using the lined side and if needed the blank side. 


Along with the mission of OLV School, the following quotes are illustrative of a view of teaching and education, with emphasis on the importance of Social Studies Education as a skill.


I seek to:

  • “Instill in every individual “student an” understanding of America’s past and it value in today’s world and the future”
  • To equip students individually in developing their own “knowledge and understanding” Social Studies to form a basis of life-long learning and “individual inquiry and engaged citizenship” and to develop the skills they need to “succeed in college, careers and the global marketplace.(Reference: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • “Self-efficacy means having the belief in your abilities to complete a task, reach goals and manage a situation…is about having a realistic sense of one’s accomplishments (neither overblown not undersold)…it’s about learning that when at first you don’t succeed you can indeed try try again and you’re likely to make progress perhaps even to a point of mastery…self-efficacy is built by doing the work and seeing the success that came from effort.” ~How to Raise and Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haimsinv


As the above philosophy indicates, doing the “work” is an important success indicator. Student “work and citizenship” are assessed in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, each ten weeks. These assessments include project based learning, media based learning, voluntary class participation and individual participation, teacher/student activities, skills tests and traditional quiz and test grades inform the “grading” policy. It is important for students to maintain exemplary attendance records. See OLV handbook for assignments non-school calendar vacations.

Lifework assignments are given 2-3 times a week, and represent acquisition of knowledge and practice of skills. Assignments are generally not given on weekends or holidays (or when the Buffalo Bills win a weekend game). These lifework assignments are reviewed, recorded and represent an equivalent written “unit” test. It is difficult to “make up a class(s)” when absent, as students are exposed to a specific objectives, activities and formal and informal assessments. All students are required to keep a detailed “planner” with details about their assignments as well as well-organized topical notebooks, with date/dates pages. Students are asked to make it their first priority when returning to school from a brief absence, either from single class or the full day’s absence to see out a student partner to review the planner, notebook for days missed. It is recommended students beyond simply doing the assignment. Students are asked to make a real effort as to what learning they missed and to work with the teacher to find an alternative way of “making up the material”. Parents are asked to contact the homeroom teacher or subject area teacher, via email, for significant periods of absence to work out mutually convenient and effective ways to “make up the materials”. Unless mutually agreed upon in advance, lifework assignments, test make-ups, material make-ups must be completed within 2 days of the absence. For longer periods of absence, unless arrangements have been in advance with the teacher, no credit for assignments will be given beyond one-week of the absence(s).


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