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Monday June 12, 2017

Grades 6-8  Tomorrow is your Social Studies Exam; Bring 2 blue or black pens.  You will also be asked to turn in your "Sub-way Pass" Study Guide.  
7th Grade:  Turn in your Constitution Notebook for safe-keeping. 
8th Grade:  Turn in the remainder of your Social Studies Interactive Notebook.

 Friday, June 2, 2017

All Social Studies Classes: Due Monday, June 5.  Cramming for exams may be popular with students, but it is ineffective.
 Try this method instead, and start now, this week-end.  The Social Studies Exam is Tuesday, June 13. Use this process effectively to enjoy a calm, less anxious approach to EXAM TIME.  Manageable chunks of studying, done actively each day and then final review of the Sub-way pass in the day and evening before the exam. 
Students made a "subway pass" Study Guide for the Social Studies Final Exam and a notebook in class today to start studying for their exam this week-end.   This is accompanied by a 2-3 page hand-out which parents are asked to acknowledge via signature by Monday.  Students are asked to copy the first ten items onto the "Subway Pass", one item per block  and review the term and the significance in Social Studies/history.   They need to wrestle with the the item and be sure they understand it. 
Tools to use are : Interactive Notebooks throughout the year, workbook pages, vocab cards, hand outs and textbook (index/glossary) for background.  Students may also wish to use some time to practice some of the skills in the Skills Tutor associated with your on-line ID. Skills we have been practicing include: cause/effect, timelines/chronology/sequence of events, inferences, analyzing issues, primary sources, main themes, general statements. DO NOT USE the internet to study unless it is to seek out video we may have used in class.  
When a student has reviewed/ actively wrestled ( annotated, highlighted, questioned)  around the item, they should respond to the question/item by writing notes in their own words on the sub-way pass.  If a student is not using their own words to answer, it is doubtful that they understand well enough. 

Wed. May 31, 2017

SS 6 : Complete the Middle Ages Social Structure handout as instructed in class. Do not throw out any pieces.
SS 7 : What were the causes and effects of the War of 1812?
wkbk pages 145,146,147

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SS 6  Hand-out packet; Lesson 1 The Geography of Europe  ( 3 pages) need your textbook; see reference pages on hand out. (pages on hand-outs 96,97, 98

SS 7 : wKBk, Section 2  The Louisiana Purchase p. 139-140-141 and Mapmaking:  Handout- Lewis and Clark Explore the West ( Read according to your process 54-55) and then make the map (Directions are on the sheet) REMEMBER: this map isn't complete until it is glued together and the pieces move and/or are glued on the map.  


Wed., May 24, 2017

SS 6 : Vocabulary test, Middle Ages 
SS 7:Interactive Notetaking Guide ( p. 122-123-124) 
SS 8 : Section 3 - Americans at War. ( I know I skipped Section 2 on 325-327) 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SS 6 - Use the 3 step vocab process, according to your classroom process; vocab test on Thursday. 

SS 7  - Use the 3 step process and your textbook (or txbk on line) and complete the following 290-293
neutrality (index and glossary)

Copy the chart on p. 291 ( Republicans versus Federalists)
Copy the Quick Study Guide on p.303 including the Essential Question at the top. 


SS 8:  Interactive Note-taking Guide Pages - The Road to War
  319,320, 321


Monday, May 22, 2017

SS 7 
Organize new folder as follows:
15 sheets lined paper
20 punched index cards for vocab
Title New Folder:  Launching a New Nation - 1789-1820
Punch wkbk pages:  122-166
Complete vocab cards as follows: Reference: Txbk - 282-287
inauguration       precedent    bond    speculator   
unconstitutional    tariff 

SS 8:
WWI and Roaring 20's folder/ Name 
1. 15 sheets lined paper
2. Wkbk punched - 319-346
3. 20 punched vocab cards 
4. Txbk Ref.: 704-711
5. Vocab cards:  militarism, nationalism, stalemate, trench warfare, propaganda, dominate, liable
6. Copy Quick Study Notes on page 729 top including Essential Question 
Junior Achievement - Finance Park - STREAM / Name  Folder


Friday, May 19, 2017

SS 6 : Hand-out of Roman Arch; color authentically and cut -out
SS 7 & 8 : No assignment.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

All Social Studies classes, review for tests on Friday.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

All Social Studies classes review for tests, that have been explained to you, on Friday.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SS 6 : Color (authentically)  and cut out the Roman Bridge, make it and bring to class (if you were not in class today); Color the  Temple authentically, do not make it till class, cut out. Color all the pieces of Via Appia (Roman roads and walkways) authenitcally.
SS 7 & 8 - Of course you picked up your classwork/ homework from Ms. Abram when you got back from the Track meet.  Finish the Article: Sugarcoating in the Junior Scholastic, (WRESTLE of course) and complete the core question on lined paper to be handed in.
SS 7:  Can't wait to see your President's Project tomorrow!

Monday, May 15, 2017

SS 8 : Industrialization and Gilded Age Project collected today. Review Industrialization for a Quiz on Wednesday, regardless of track meet. 
SS 7:  President's Project due on Wednesday, May 17; review your Constitution materials;  TEST coming up. Review NOW.
SS 6:  Crossword on p. 4 of World History Studies Weekly: Decline of an Empire (Barbarians); Romanus Antiquis Test coming up on Thursday, REVIEW NOW!


Friday, May 12, 2017

SS 7 President's Project due date extended to Wed. May 17. 
SS 6 No assignment
SS 8   Gilded Age and Industrialization Project due Monday, May 15.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

All students and parents, Grades 6,7,8 are invited to participate in the 4th annual Father Baker Council Knights of Columbus Parking Lot clean -up project.   Return permission slips and the bottom part of the information letter to Ms. Abram by tomorrow (Friday, May 12). Please read the information letter carefully!

SS 6 : Complete classwork which requires your Textbook, I.N. and a hand-out given in class. Review all captions, pictures and infographics on pages 298-304.  Now read through the pages carefully.
On the bottom of page 304, copy the chart and fill it in using your understanding of the pages above.  Then in complete sentences, finish questions 2-5. 
Complete the hand-out (research the answers as per the pages above)  Rise and Fall.
SS 7: Complete the classwork, in your Constitution I.N, workbook pages 111, 112 and 113 - Summary 3- How can the Constitution be amended. President's Projects are due in class on Monday, May 15. As indicated on the assignment sheet given out in April, and as reminded by Ms. Abram,  if you are not going to be in school on Monday, May 15, please hand in your project early.
SS 8 : Industrialization and the Economy Project is due on Monday, May 15. As indicated on the assignment sheet, April 18, hand in your project early, if you will not be in class. 

Wednesday, May 10

All classes, 6-7-8, You will receive a letter and permission slip in class on Thursday for  Father Baker Council Knights of Columbus Clean Project , Saturday May 13.

SS 6: Review Romanus Antiquis; Assessment coming up

SS 7: Presidential Project ; Portrait may be done on any 8x11 ish blank paper.   Project due Monday, May 15; Complete classwork on the Constitution, wkbk pages 105,105,107
SS 8: Industrialization Project: Due Monday, May 15; turn in advance if you are not going to be in school on Monday. 


Tuesday, May 9

SS 6:   No assignment; Review Romanus Antiquis ; testing coming up soon! 
SS 7:   President Project due Monday, May 15. Review Constitution and Preamble; testing coming up soon.
SS 8: Industrialization Project due Monday, May 15. Review Industrialization; Testing Coming up Soon. 

Monday, May 8

SS 6:  Complete World History Studies Weekly: Read Pax Romana p. 3, Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, What Spectator Sports and Did you know ? Complete Crossword and Timeline p. 4.
SS 7: Presidential Projects due Monday, May 15; The portrait of the President can be done on any blank, 8 x 11 ish paper. It does not need to be done on a template. Constitution and Memorization of Preamble test coming up. Review I.N. and wkbk pages. 
SS 8  Industrialization Projects due by Monday, May 15. (deadline extended last week!) If you are not going to be in school please hand in before hand.

 Friday, May 5, 2017

SS 6 : "Read" (translation - wrestle)  World History Newspaper: More Roaming with the Romans, p. 2 Roman Baths ; Review all of your I.N.
SS 7:  Workbook pages 108,109, 110  Summary 2:What are the powers of each branch of the government. WRESTLE!! This material has been taught in class ; Be sure you spend appropriate time understanding.
SS 8:  Quiz grades for Urbanization were given today and students were asked to share with parents. Quiz has been filed in portfolios.
The Industrialization Project was discussed; student progress assessed. The question is your final product going to be impressive?   Due date revision:   Monday, May 15.  Make your work impressive!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

SS 6 : No formal assignment; 
SS 7 & 8 -  Using:  Junior Scholastic; Jan. 30, 2017  bottom of page 10-11 -  Can a Church Get Government Funding for a Playground? Complete on Lined Paper, with a heading to be handed in, the following: 
Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley
Read the case summary once; read it again highlighting and annotating evidence for:
Constitutional issue
Argument of the Petitioner - Trinity Lutheran Church
Argument of the Respondent- Pauley
How would you rule as a Justice of the Supreme Court and give evidence from the case (text).

Wed. May 3

SS 6  None
SS 7 - 8 
Supreme Court Article on Cheerleading;
Write the argument of each side
Write the Constitution Issue after finishing the one page Cheerleading. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SS6: none
SS 7 Constitution and Supreme Court Statement, 5x; Junior Scholastic article    p. 12/13 of Jan. 30 issue, handed out in class. Work on project
SS8  Work on project 

 Monday, May 1, 2017

SS 6 - No assignment; collecting notebooks on Wed.
SS 7- Issue questions on the back of Maryland Gazette handout; Work on Project
SS 8 - Work on Project.


Friday, April 28,2017

SS 6:  No assignment
SS 7:  Complete Issue 4 in the packet; Work on your project.
SS 8: Work on your Industrialization Project

Thursday, April 27, 2017

SS 6:   We discussed the beginnings of Augustus reign as emperor Roman Empire.   Assignment:  Hand-outs - A Roman Shield, A Roman Soldier,  Read, Read again using the reading process the captions and reading excerpts on the Roman Shield and Roman Legionnaire; Color (authentically) as demonstrated in class. Prepare for class construction of the Roman shield by cutting out all pieces on the Shield hand-out. Punch the completed Legionnaire into your I.N.  
SS 7: We used yesterday's assignment, copying the Preamble to the Constitution, to sing the Preamble without the Video.  We viewed a  PBS video on compromises at the Constitutional Convention, We discussed the creation of the District of Columbia and how that was a compromise between northern and southern states. We made a graphic organizer of Federalists and Anti-Federalists in our I.N. We  read about Issue #3  in your packet contained in your  I.N. ; Complete the graphic organizer that goes with issue three.  Keep working on the Presidential Project. If you are stuck, have lunch with me.
SS 8:  We discussed the film guide: America the Story of Us, checked in yesterday's assignment. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

S.S. 6 - We used the Newspaper World History Studies Weekly- Roaming with the Romans to wrap up the first 500 years of the Roman Republic and transition to the Roman Empire. We discussed the impact of the Punic Wars and noted the time period. We discussed Roman Religion ,Roman Gods and Goddesses ( with Greek influence)  received a handout on the Pantheon/ Roman Gods and Goddesses.  We discussed Latin and Roman clothing, learned Salve Amici, discussed Roman togas and Civis Romanus Sum! relationship to clothing. 
Assignment:  Newspaper mentioned above: Finish using the reading process for Clothing p. 3, Julius Caesar p. 3, Aqueducts p. 3; on page 4 Complete the Crossword and the Roman Timeline. 
SS 7:  Hand-outs - 3 copies of the time line templates for your Presidential project. These are to used for the final copy. Take notes and keep track of sources on "My timeline worksheet" and notecards;
We sang the Preamble to the Constitution,  discussed the Constitutional Convention Compromise, Issue 2 (previous hand-out) Slavery and counting slaves for representation. Study this issue and complete the issue summary page started in class. Copy the PREAMBLE to the Constitution in your I.N. on p. 208 of your textbook.  Remember: You must memorize these words, they are that important!
SS 8:  We discussed the underside, the dark side of the Gilded Age, Industrialization, Urbanization via America the Story of Us, Cities and Film Guide. We discussed crime, advances in criminal apprehension/identification, life in the tenements and sparking reform, sanitation, the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire and safety on the job and unions.
Complete wkbk pages 280-281-281 - Cities Grow and Change. 

Tuesday, April 25

SS 6 - Discussed the ending of the Roman Republic and placed the 500 year (approx) history on our timelines; folded our aqueduct into shape. Students must complete the geographical depiction (long rectangular sheet) of Rome's geographical location in study hall on Thursday. Review notes.
SS 7:  Hand-out- Cite Your Sources and lesson on how to complete research using notecards and how to cite the research sources. Answered project questions; students are working on research today in Technology class. Continue working on project each day. 
 Discussed the Great Compromise.  Assignment:  Review notes and master material; complete the Issue #1 summary - using the article and lesson we completed in class today on the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan and Great Compromise
SS 8:  Hand-out and Lesson: City your sources; answered project questions; discussed how to set up research on notecards
America the Story of Us and film guide:  Vertical city, construction workers and working conditions, lack of worker protections, workmen's compensation and Social Security for injured employees.
Work on your project each night; be sure you bring Project in Progress folder and notecards each day. Thursday's Technology class you will work on research. 

Monday, April 24

SS 7:    Punch 25 index cards; Work on President's Project!!!!; GET STARTED... the longest journey starts with a single step; Thursday and every Thursday bring your Presdent's Project in Progress Folder to Computer Class; It also must be in class every day. 
SS 6 : Color aqueduct using the txbk or other authentic picture as reference; Go over the Latin words in marker or ink. Friday's Romanus Antiquis vocabulary test grade was shared with students. Cannot give test back due to several students absence last week. Students who missed this test will take it in Study Hall on Thursday, without fail. 
SS 8:  Discussing the Industrialization Project; America the Story of US - Cities - Discussed Pulitizer, Eiffel, Bartholdi, the Vertical City, Immigrants; Assignment:   Make a packet of punched notecards (24 or more) and receive 2 points and a cable tie in class. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

SS 6:   Took a vocabulary test on Romanus Antiquis (Ancient Rome); Started the "cartoon" version of a 3D geographical map of the Ancient City of Rome,  including 3D buildings. Today:  Mediterranean Sea, Tiber River, Apennine Mountains, (Draw and color key) , cut out Aqvae Dvctvs (Aqueduct)
SS 7 :  In class information regarding the President's Project was handed out and each student randomly drew out the name of a President.  We created Presidential Project in Progress folders to contain our research, templates and hand-out material.  Project is due May 15 in class.  
Assignment:  Students are asked to review with their parents the project . Parents are asked to  sign an acknowledgment on the project hand-out.  This is worth homework points.  The President's Project in Progress folder must be in school everyday, students are advised to review Research 2a-e in the assignment packet and start their research. I will be reviewing progress on the project. 
SS 8: Industries for the Industrialization/Economics project were confirmed on 4/20, Thursday. Students must start their project now and make steady progress each day in order to meet or exceed the project requirements.   HINT:   Punch holes in index cards (in the same way as vocabulary cards)  to use to organize research notes around the project.  Obtain a cable tie from Ms. Abram. Label each index card with a particular research topic required for the project.  Write the source of the information on the index card. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

SS 6 : Vocabulary test Romanus Antiquis (Ancient Rome) tomorrow. ir topic
SS 7:  Interactive Notebook: Constitution- Hand-out-  Maryland Gazette, Primary Source ( front page only) Read and wrestle!!!
SS 8: We reviewed the Project Industrialization of America in class; students have a hand-out in their Industrialization I.N. explaining this assignment in DETAIL. Due May 11 in class; Students received their individual  " companies." START NOW!!!! Work on the project each day and each section.  DO NOT do the Cover First! Come to class with questions. The Textbook is not a source for this project 
Hand-outs given today: Immigrants Flock to America (ref. 94-95) Read and Wrestle;
Interactive Map:  Immigrants Flock to America 96-97, using the instructions/pictures (p. 94 and previous class knowledge for making interactive maps) complete the map using lined notebook paper as your "backing sheet to the map". 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

These assignments were all started in class and completed as homework. Textbook and Interactive Notebook is needed.
SS 6:  Vocabulary test postponed till Friday. Tonight go through your index cards and come prepared to class with questions.  Finish all classwork at home. 
TEXTbook: 288-292  The Roman Empire
a. Review and read all captions, pictures, infographics etc.
b. Read through the pages once.
c. Go to the Lesson 3 Roman Empire (hand-out packet of lessons in your I.N. ); Read once, Read again and highlight annotate according to the classroom process you have learned.
d.Complete the Lesson 3 Question page in the packet, making an attempt at all questions, using the textbook to re-read for understanding.
SS 7:  a.Textbook pages 212-217  Review/ study all captions, infographics, pictures etc.
b. In your Constitution I.N., go to wkbk pages 95-97
Study the focus questions/highlight key ideas
Read the entire selection ( 6 or so paragraphs)
Read again, highlighting and annotating to the focus questions/points.
b. Complete all questions and the chart, using the txbkfor additional support.
SS 8: Industrialization and Urban Growth
TXBK reference pages: 608-613 - A New Industrial Revolution. 
a. Review 608- 613 all captions, pictures, inforgraphics etc.
b. Read 608-613 once.
c. Complete workbook pages 274-276 using the normal process.
1. Read, highlight and study focus questions and need to know.
2. Read through  paragraphs once.
3. Read a second time in chunks, this time highlighting and annotating to focus questions.
4. Complete all questions, including the chart, using the txbk as additional support for quality answers. .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SS 8: Explained the project, due May 11: Industrialization in America.  On an index card, with your name in the lower right, pick, in order of your choice, Top choice, 2nd choice and 3 rd choice of topic from the handout "Looking through the Lens of Economics - The Gilded Age". 
SS 7: Review classwork and all notes on the Articles of Confederation.
SS 6: Vocabulary test Thursday; review index cards and  come to class with questions regarding any assistance needed, explanations, context etc.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

SS 8: 

This assignment was started in class and is to be completed at home.  Be sure you are "wrestling" with the text, and using the process of :   1 glossary definition,   Find 2 context clues in the referred section(s) : Big Business and Organized Labor and Cities Grow and Change and the New Immigrants ( pp. 614-624)
Need: TXBK or on-line TXBK; 
1. Vocab cards:                                2. Read and the study the infographic on 621-622
justify                                                        Make your own summary diagram in your I.N.
urbanization                                     3. Copy notes including the essential question on p. 637
settlement house
SS 7 We has a joint class of Social Studies and Science with the Museum of Science Workshop Crime Investigations.
Assignment:  vocabulary cards  wrestle with them according to the process taught and reviewed below
1. Read and study the infographic on p 210-211; make a summary diagram with summary information (do not copy, summarize important information) in your I.N;      see the History Interactive red rectangle on page 211 - Go to the website and put the code in and watch/do the activity. If access to the site or internet is a problem for anyone, student should write me a note on an index card stating the problem, sign it and ask parent to sign it. 
2. Vocab cards: Reference : p. 212-217
judicial branch 
3. ON page 211: Birthplace of the United States Read and copy the two sentences in the box...You DO NOT NEED to do the Critical thinking/ Draw Conclusions Question. 

SS 6

This assignment was started in class ;
Vocab cards:  
Pax Romana

Wed. April 5, 2017

SS 6 : Vocab cards,  1 glossary def, 2 context clues, 1 original sentence demonstrating understanding of CONTEXT:
plebeian       representative
republic         Senate
patrician       consul
civic              tribune
civic duty
SS 7 Vocab cards: 1 glossary def., 2 context clues, 1 original sentence demonstrating your understanding of the CONTEXT
economic depression 
foreign (may not be in glossary)  use p. 206 for context
SS 8 Vocab cards:  1 glossary def.,  2 context clues, 1 original sentence demonstrating your understanding of the Historical CONTEXT
ref.: 605-613     614- 619
The New Industrial Revolution
assembly line
free enterprise
collective bargaining 
Copy the notes, including the FOCUS Question : page 601

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SS 6 We talked about the tripartite Roman Republic government and how it had checks and balances. We worked along with the video Roman Republic.
Complete Lesson 2 : Roman Republic in your packet. (p. 63-64 reference on the bottom. 
SS 7 No class today; complete the assignments assigned on Monday.
SS 8 : We discussed the Westward movement after the Civil War and the effects on Native Americans and the Buffalo. We discussed boomtowns and miners, the railroad, women's opportunities in the west and farmers.  Two brief Discovery Videos assisted.
Bring yourself up to date on the Supreme Court nominee. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

SS 6: No class, Stations of the Cross
SS 7:  Tear out and punch wkbk 92-120 punch in order into Constitution Notebook.
For Wed:    Watch news today see if Neil Gorsuch is confirmed as newest Supreme Court Justice.
                  Complete(using the SS reading process -)  Read in the TEXTBOOK  First pages - Read and study the info graphics p. 202-209
 Do workbk . 92-94 (Use the process)
Make a packet of index cards, punched , 15, Title on Front - Creating the Constitution
Do : territory, constitution, executive, individual and devise.
Copy the notes: Quick Study with focus question on 223 IN YOUR I.N. on lined paper.
SS 8 : Starting Industry and Urban Growth 
Watch news today - see if Neil Gorsuch is confirmed as newest Supreme Court Justice.
Wkbk Tear out: 274- 290 Punch in order
Punched a packet of index cards:  30 vocab cards; will give you cable tie in class. 
Copy notes and focus question on p.637
Title of new I.N.  Age of Industry 
15 sheet of notebook paper 




Along with the mission of OLV School, the following quotes are illustrative of a view of teaching and education, with emphasis on the importance of Social Studies Education as a skill.


I seek to:

  • “Instill in every individual “student an” understanding of America’s past and it value in today’s world and the future”
  • To equip students individually in developing their own “knowledge and understanding” Social Studies to form a basis of life-long learning and “individual inquiry and engaged citizenship” and to develop the skills they need to “succeed in college, careers and the global marketplace.(Reference: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • “Self-efficacy means having the belief in your abilities to complete a task, reach goals and manage a situation…is about having a realistic sense of one’s accomplishments (neither overblown not undersold)…it’s about learning that when at first you don’t succeed you can indeed try try again and you’re likely to make progress perhaps even to a point of mastery…self-efficacy is built by doing the work and seeing the success that came from effort.” ~How to Raise and Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haimsinv


As the above philosophy indicates, doing the “work” is an important success indicator. Student “work and citizenship” are assessed in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, each ten weeks. These assessments include project based learning, media based learning, voluntary class participation and individual participation, teacher/student activities, skills tests and traditional quiz and test grades inform the “grading” policy. It is important for students to maintain exemplary attendance records. See OLV handbook for assignments non-school calendar vacations.

Lifework assignments are given 2-3 times a week, and represent acquisition of knowledge and practice of skills. Assignments are generally not given on weekends or holidays (or when the Buffalo Bills win a weekend game). These lifework assignments are reviewed, recorded and represent an equivalent written “unit” test. It is difficult to “make up a class(s)” when absent, as students are exposed to a specific objectives, activities and formal and informal assessments. All students are required to keep a detailed “planner” with details about their assignments as well as well-organized topical notebooks, with date/dates pages. Students are asked to make it their first priority when returning to school from a brief absence, either from single class or the full day’s absence to see out a student partner to review the planner, notebook for days missed. It is recommended students beyond simply doing the assignment. Students are asked to make a real effort as to what learning they missed and to work with the teacher to find an alternative way of “making up the material”. Parents are asked to contact the homeroom teacher or subject area teacher, via email, for significant periods of absence to work out mutually convenient and effective ways to “make up the materials”. Unless mutually agreed upon in advance, lifework assignments, test make-ups, material make-ups must be completed within 2 days of the absence. For longer periods of absence, unless arrangements have been in advance with the teacher, no credit for assignments will be given beyond one-week of the absence(s).


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