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Wednesday, Dec. 12

SS 6: Earliest Humans Newspaper: p. 1; Connections - Ancient Grains for Modern Lifestyles

Read, Read again in chunks, Highlight and Annotate, Who, What When Why and How and any questions; Review class material

SS 7 : Review Class Material

SS 8 Review Class Material 


Tuesday, Dec. 11

SS 6 : NO Class; STREAM field trip to Darwin Martin

SS 7: Review class material

SS 8: Review Class material

Monday, Dec. 10

Social Studies 6-8  Review class work and notes; master material ; come into class with any questions which require clarification. 


Friday, Dec. 7: Parent Conferences and Report cards 

Thursday, Dec. 6 - Early Dismissal 11:00 am - Parent Conferences and 1st Trimester Report Cards

Social Studies 6-8: We updated our class portfolios and reviewed areas of success and areas needing improvement. 

Wednesday, Dec. 5,

SS 6-8 -  Watch some of the coverage of the funeral of President George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the U.S. Remind parents of the teacher conference time. 

SS 7: Interactive Notebooks were collected.for grading of yesterday's assigment.

Tuesday, December 4

SS 6 : Complete classwork and homework assignment written in class in your planner

SS 7: Complete classwork and homework assignment written in class in your planner.

SS 8: Complete classwork and homework assignment written in class in your planner. 



Monday, Dec. 3, 2018

SS 6 Review and Master class material

SS 7 Review and Master class material; Completer Interactive Map: Jamestown and Roanoke

SS 8 Review and Master class material

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018

SS 6 Review and MASTER the material on the comparison of the Paleolitic and Neolithic Eras.

SS 7 Need Textbook , TXBK Copy p. 95 (top only) Quick Study Guide; Be sure to copy the Essential Question first and then the Sections under which are notes about it.

Vocabulary cards:    legislature,  bill of rights, habeas corpus, freedom of the press, libel

Remember: The goal of the glossary definition with the context clues is to understand the historical context of the term. Be sure you are selecting complex clues that give you that assistance. Minimum is 2 context clues, at the same time you may need to add more to understand.

SS 8:  NEED textbook, Copy notes on p. 505 The Quick Study Guide only. Be sure you copy the essential question first and the section notes after. 

Vocabulary cards: controversy, accommodation, isolate, border state, neutral, martial law, blockade, resource.

Remember: The goal of the glossary definition with the context clues is to understand the historical context of the term. Be sure you are selecting complex clues that give you that assistance. Minimum is 2 context clues, at the same time you may need to add more to understand.

Religion 8: Practice your mass roles for Friday's Mass. 



Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018

Social Studies 6: Review your Interactive Notebook for 10 minutes minimum. Do something active with the review.

Social Studies 7: Vocabulary cards- pre-punch and put on the ring given in class, 25; Need textbook

Use the process of glossary definition, page number, minimum of 2 context clues, and an original sentence demonstrating your understanding of the term in the current historical context.

fundamental, accumulate, backcountry, proprietor, debtor, plantation

SS 8:  Make vocabulary cards and pre-punch according to the process (25), outlined above; you will be given a metal ring tomorrow in class.

vital, crisis, popular sovereignty, secede, fugitive, deprive, impose, propaganda, embrace, civil war

Religion 8: Practice the readings for Mass on Friday, at home tonight; anyone who has not done a prayer for class and/or not participated in a Mass role this trimester (trimester ends Friday, last chance!) must see Ms. Abram immediately. 



Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018

SS 7   Vocabulary cards started in class and another class:  impose, sustain, charter, representative government, pilgrim, toleration, town meeting. Note:  Use the process: glossary definition , page number(s), minimum of two context clues and an original sentence. 

SS 6: No assignment ; review class for 10 minutes

SS 8: No assignment; review class for 10 minutes

Religion 8: No assignment; see Ms. Abram on Wed. if you have not participated in a Mass role or done your class prayer. 


Monday, November 26, 2018

SS 6-7-8 - Relegion 8  No new assignment;  At the same time, students who were absent last week must make up all assignments by Wednesday, 11/28. 

Tuesday, Nov. 6 

 It's Election Day!!! VOTE (18 and over) watch some news results  in the morning while getting ready for school

Social Studies 8:   Review the materials given in class today in preparation for your STREAM Field Experience tomorrow - Shea's 710 Theatre. Be sure to review the Etiquette; Read twice and annotate Historical Comparisons.  Read over and be familiar with the characters. Uniforms tomorrow. Lunch will be a box lunch provided by the Cafeteria staff. 

Social Studies 7:  Classwork  Spain's Empire in the Americas; (p. 19-20)Take Textbook home and use the textbook as well for complete answers.   Review Focus question at the top of the handout and the bullets.  Read in chunks twice, the second time highlight to the focus question and bullets.  Complete ALSO handout chart: p. 21  Section 2 Notetaking guide p. 21. Bring Textbook to class tomorrow.   You received a packet you will need tomorrow. Section 3 - Europeans compete in North America. This is classwork tomorrow. 

Social Studies 6:  Test tomorrow on Week 2 Newspaper. Be sure to understand Timelines, BC/BCE and AD/CE, the concept of Cultural Contact , Global Interdependence, Keeping Track of History. Don't forget the section on the Amazon Rain Forest. Yes, study the Crossword as well. 

Monday, Nov. 5, 2018

Social Studies 8: There are several permission slips outstanding for the Interdisciplinary Field Experience, The Three Musketeers on Wednesday Nov. 7. All permission slips are due today. Absent students have missed  preparation lessons for this event, including Historical context and  vocabulary. Additionally we set up a field experience notebook in class.   No formal assignment.  Review the film sheet Division ,  completed last week so you are prepared for a test. We reviewed the final section last Friday. 

Social Studies 7:  The Whodunnit on the Age of Discovery, European imperialism and Columbian Exchange was collected for grading.

Social Studies 6:  "Garbage Archeology " summaries were collected for grading. At least 10 items were to be analyzed on the hand-out summary sheets. Students who were not finished were asked to complete the remainder of the assignment at lunch today and hand in.

Note:  Assignment:  p. 4 Crossword of Week 2 and review the Newspaper. Test on Wednesday on the Newspaper.


October 29, 2018 ( Monday) - 

SS 6:   Thinking about the excercise we did in studying artifacts on p.4 of Week 2 of the newspaper, think about the idea that people who live in your home make up a small, unique culture. If archeologists in the future ( approx 500 years) discovered your garbage can full of artifacts what inferences could they make about your family? Could they tell how many people lived in your home? Would there be clues to their ages, foods, hobbies, lifestyle and other cultural elements? Think about Ms. Abram's demo analyzing "junk" on her desk. With the help of an adult, take samples from your trash, junk drawer, messy corner of your room and pick some throw away items (may be other items as well, but absolutely nothing of value  No coins, no valuables. The items should tell something about your family/family culture.  At least 10 samples (no sharp objects such as tin can tops, or used tissues - only safe items, clean items and try to pick something that tells a story about your family culture.  Think about the chart in your notebook. Another class mate will be examining your items and writing about your culture.  Due Wednesday, Halloween.


October 30, 2018 (Tuesday)  -

SS 6:  see Oct. 29. Due Oct. 31

No other homework assignments 

October 31, 2018 (Wednesday) No homework assignments.

November 1, 2018 (Thursday) - No homework assignments

November 2,2018 (Friday) 

SS 8 : Permission slip and information sent home for field trip on Wed. Nov. 7; Please revise Method of Transportation to :   bus transportation provided by OLV STREAM Program

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018

Social Studies 8: 
1. Finishing Junior Scholastic article p. 6-7, 9/03/18, "The end of the Anthem Protest", annotating and highlighting of course... Note: p. 7  Core Question- bottom - Do that on the back of  Model - Investigate the News handout. 
Then complete all of investigate the News , including the Putting it all together. USE the article on p. 6-7. 
Social Studies 6: We reviewed how to complete a vocabulary card. New students are asked to stay with me for lunch and I will complete a few examples of the HW with them. Students are asked to complete 20 punched index cards as demonstrated in class today. Complete the following  vocabulary words using the model:  civilization, pre-history, geography, diverse, archeology/archeologist, artifact and migrate.
Social Studies 7: We reviewed how to complete a vocabulary card. New students are asked to stay with me for lunch and I will complete a few example of the HW with them.  Students are asked to complete 20 punched index cards as demonstrated in class today. Complete the following vocabulary words using the model:   deprive, reside, glacier, irrigation, surplus, civilization, culture. For any words not in the TEXTBOOK Glossary , use infoplease.com.  Do not use a dictionary.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Social Studies 6: 

In class we finished a time line using intevals of billions, millions and hundred thousands to demonstrate history of humans on earth. Remember to cover your textbooks and planners must be in class everyday. Remember to review your notes / class work each night to keep it fresh and build on the material for the next day. 

Social Studies 7:  Complete the reading of p. 6-7 of current Junior Scholastic. Including the Core Question on the bottom of p.7. Write this question on the back of the handout referred below.

 Complete the handout : Analyzing Text Structures  Investigate the News, using the article on page 6-7 , Junior Scholastic "The end of Anthem Protest?" Be sure to complete the bottom of the page: Putting it all together.    

Social Studies 8: It is Constitution Day, the day comemorating the signing of the Constitution of the United States . We were treated to a talk from a parent-legal professional who discussed the importance of knowing the rights protected in the Bill of Rights, the importance of Voting and the importance of actually reading and understanding the Constitution.


Along with the mission of OLV School, the following quotes are illustrative of a view of teaching and education, with emphasis on the importance of Social Studies Education as a skill.


I seek to:

  • “Instill in every individual “student an” understanding of America’s past and it value in today’s world and the future”
  • To equip students individually in developing their own “knowledge and understanding” Social Studies to form a basis of life-long learning and “individual inquiry and engaged citizenship” and to develop the skills they need to “succeed in college, careers and the global marketplace.(Reference: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • “Self-efficacy means having the belief in your abilities to complete a task, reach goals and manage a situation…is about having a realistic sense of one’s accomplishments (neither overblown not undersold)…it’s about learning that when at first you don’t succeed you can indeed try try again and you’re likely to make progress perhaps even to a point of mastery…self-efficacy is built by doing the work and seeing the success that came from effort.” ~How to Raise and Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haimsinv



As the above philosophy indicates, doing the “work” is an important success indicator. Student “work and citizenship” are assessed in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, each ten weeks. These assessments include project based learning, media based learning, voluntary class participation and individual participation, teacher/student activities, skills tests and traditional quiz and test grades inform the “grading” policy. It is important for students to maintain exemplary attendance records. See OLV handbook for assignments non-school calendar vacations.

Lifework assignments are given 2-3 times a week, and represent acquisition of knowledge and practice of skills. Assignments are generally not given on weekends or holidays (or when the Buffalo Bills win a weekend game). These lifework assignments are reviewed, recorded and represent an equivalent written “unit” test. It is difficult to “make up a class(s)” when absent, as students are exposed to a specific objectives, activities and formal and informal assessments. All students are required to keep a detailed “planner” with details about their assignments as well as well-organized topical notebooks, with date/dates pages. Students are asked to make it their first priority when returning to school from a brief absence, either from single class or the full day’s absence to see out a student partner to review the planner, notebook for days missed. It is recommended students beyond simply doing the assignment. Students are asked to make a real effort as to what learning they missed and to work with their classmates and  teacher to find an alternative way of “making up the material”. Parents are asked to contact the homeroom teacher or subject area teacher, via email, for significant periods of absence to work out mutually convenient and effective ways to “make up the materials”. Unless mutually agreed upon in advance, lifework assignments, test make-ups, material make-ups must be completed within 1-2  days of the absence. For longer periods of absence, unless arrangements have been in advance with the teacher, no credit for assignments will be given beyond one-week of the absence(s).


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