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Student log-in codes for google classroom - ARt:

3rd:  ti2msg6

4th:  dyp5sal

5th:  jmhhj3k

7th:  3datv5d



At Home Art Projects:

All students should have a packet with their art assignments in them.  If you do not have it yet, it should be picked up at school.

Grades 3,4,5: - Dino Drawing.  Each grade was assigned a specific dinosaur drawing and given 2 sheets of "good" paper.  Follow the step by step instructions and draw a background.  Color with crayons or colored pencils (NO MARKERS).                                                     Grade 7:  1.  Conceptual Art Project: Carefully read the presentation slides that were included in your packet.  Carefully reread the project directions and complete the project.  Please put some thought into your work.  Remember you have to write a short explanation of your "concept".

2.  Zentangle Color Wheel - Color each wedge of the wheel the labeled color. (Must be colored that exact color!)  If you don't have it it at home, you can fill in that space when you get to class.

3.  Native American Art- Carefull read the packet and answer all of the quiz questions.  You may circle the correct answers on the paper.  All work will be going in your binders after I correct it.

You are REQUIRED to do ALL work assigned to you.  ALL work is due the day we return to school.  Zeros will be given for any work not handed in.  



Parent Portal:  Art grades are posted for grades 3-8 on the Parent Portal.  If you see a zero for your child's grade that means they did not hand anything in.  If you see a 60, that means that they handed their work in but it was incomplete.  Students have more than enough time in class and sometimes take it home to finish.  They NEED to hand work in to me when it is due.  After 1 week late, I will not take work. 

Library:  Students in grades 1-5 take out library books.  Books are due back the following week.  The books must be brought back even if they did not finish reading them.  They can check them out again, but I need to scan them into the computer every week.  Please make sure students are careful with their books and do not lose them.  Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for. 

Binders: Grades K-8 are required to have 3 ring binders for art. 


If your child is sick or absent for any reason, they need to make up their work from art class.  This is a class and work must be graded.  Please make sure they are doing this.  They only have me once a week, so there is plenty of time to get things done before their next class with me.  They have been reminded repeatedly to see me anytime, on any day to get what they need.


Art Grading Policy

You will be graded on:

  • Following Directions – Clear directions are given for each project and examples are provided.
  • Effort – You are expected to try your best on all projects. Everyone is not good at everything, but giving it your best shot will get you far.
  • Neatness – Take your time and do it right. Draw and color neatly and carefully. NO ERASER MARKS!
  • Handing work in complete and on time – There is no reason for not getting a project in on time. You are given more than enough time in class. If you are not completing projects in class, you are not using your time efficiently. Being responsible is very important.
  • Behavior – You will be graded on your behavior and participation. Most students end up with a 100% participation grade. All you have to do is: Do what you are supposed to be doing, the way you are supposed to be doing it. That means following classroom procedures. Each class you do this, you will receive a +. If your actions and talking interfere with our educational experience, you get a ZERO. For every zero you have, points will be deducted from your participation grade. This is a very easy way to earn a 100.


Pop Tab Collection

I will be collecting the metal tabs from pop cans, beverage cans, soup cans.......anything that has the metal ring tab to open it.  Our collection will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo.  All tabs can be brought to the art room.




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