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Miss Yendall

Grade 5

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Welcome Back 5th Graders!

E-mail: jyendall@ourladyofvictory.org 


Monday 11/13- Math: pg. 187-188

 ELA: Spelling words 4 times each (There are only 19 words this week due to a repeated word on the spelling list)

Tuesday 11/14- ELA: Spelling words in sentences 

   Finish Thanksgiving essay draft

Wednesday 11/15- Math: pg. 193-194

       ELA: Finish final copy of Thanksgiving essay

Study Vocab and Spelling

Thursday 11/16- Math: pg. 199-200

   ELA: pg. 17 of Pictures of Hollis Woods novel study packet (letter A and B)



Monday- Phys. Ed, Music

Tuesday- Art

Thursday- Technology

Friday- Phys. Ed & Library 


Spelling Words: sense, Canada, mayor, famous, threatening, suffering, exciting, senator, upsetting, simplify, branches, editing, entering, exiting, limiting, substitute, giant, multiple, quotient


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