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 Character trait Awards

Congratulations to our Character Trait Award recipients for the month of February.  Each month a character trait is designated along with a Saint who embodies a specific trait.  Students learn more about the Saint and discuss the specific trait during the month.  Teachers choose two students per grade who exemplify the trait for that month and the awards are presented at Mass on the first Friday of every month.  The character trait for the month of February was Commitment. We are proud of all our students and encourage them to carry on the Legacy of Caring that Father Baker began many years ago.



Sabian Cepedia and Carson Kielar


Noah Wollschlager and Isabella Browning



Robert LaRusch and Jadyn Hunley




Jordan Diaz-Torrez and Morgan Sitarek


Savannah Sutton and Ciara Dejesus



Sage Willet and Dayton Hendrix



Annabella Coughlin and Taylor Zajac



Lucy Massari and Riley O'Donnell

Matthew Viverto and Sophia Chandler



David Wietchy and Stephen Palmisano