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Sr. Linda Talbot

Resource Teacher

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 My Program:

I will be working with small groups of children, no more than 5 at a time, who are having difficulty with their work in the classroom.

 My Philosophy:

  • encourage each child to do his or her best
  • allow the child to learn it is not important to be the best but to do their best
  • encourage each child so they feel successful
  • encourage children to feel good about themselves
  • encourage good work habits
  • teach children to respect each other and be kind to each other
My Goal:
My goals are to find out what is causing the child to experience difficulties.  Some examples might include:
  • poor attendance
  • skills not learned
  • problems paying attention
  • worry/stress
  • lack of confidence in their abilities
  • poor self esteem
After I feel I know the child's need I will try my best to help the child overcome his/her problem.  I feel it's important for the child to be successful in what he/she does.
I would like to teach them that it is alright to make a mistake as long as you try.


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