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Philosophy and Goals

The philosophy of Our Lady of Victory School is based on the ultimate end for which one was created. The child is not only a STUDENT, but a PERSON; an INDIVIDUAL. As an INDIVIDUAL each child is a physical, social, moral, spiritual, intellectual person. We are concerned with the development of our children in Catholic Doctrine; we are concerned, also with the values that affect one's conduct.

We see the first goal of Catholic Education as one that links the love of God with those whom we live and communicate daily. We trust and pray that both faculty and students will commit themselves to social justice at every level of community. We are convinced that a steady development of excellence in personal spirituality, teacher education, teaching procedures curriculum, and school programs, will help us to inspire our students to become "LOVING PERSONS" who will LOVE AND SERVE others and NOT just talk about their needs. We want to encourage our students to become persons who will live the Philosophy of LOVE AND SERVICE that we hope is fostered at Our Lady of Victory School.

Our shared goals are:

The Learner will.........

  1. Develop an appreciation of the Love of God.
  2. Form productive and satisfying relationships based on respect, trust, cooperation, consideration and caring founded on an understanding of global awareness.
  3. Experience a sense of belonging and of being wanted in the school community of faith.
  4. Develop a competence and skills for continuous adjustment and emotional stability.
  5. Reflect the Christian attitudes with those with whom they live and communicate daily.
  6. Develop a commitment to truth and values based on an understanding of the necessity for moral conduct.
  7. Grow and mature as a "whole" child-an individual social being with many needs unique to his/her person.
  8. Accumulate a general fund of knowledge, including information and concepts in content matter with a curiosity and desire for further learning.
  9. Develop a positive healthy image which will foster strong attitudes against the use of drugs, alcohol, and other abusive substances.
  10. Make use of many sources of reading material, technological opportunities and a multi-test approach to the content areas.