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Ms. Walker

Social Studies

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As we begin this new year, I am so happy to continue to grow with your child and to watch them grow as young people! :) 

Weekly Homework:

Monday, January 27: 

6th Social Studies: Ch. 5 Vocabulary Sheet

7th Social Studies: no homework

8th Social Studies: Finish classwork - Ch. 15 Question #4 on page 527

Tuesday, January 28:

6th Social Studies: Study Review sheet for Ch. 5 test tomorrow!! The Review sheet is on Google Classroom! Vocab due tomorrow

7th Social Studies: Continue to study for ch. 5 test on Friday.

8th Social Studies: The North and South during the Civil War Activity Sheet 

Wedneday, January 29: 

6th Social Studies: 

7th Social Studies: 

8th Social Studies: 

Thursday, January 30: 

6th Social Studies: 

7th Social Studies: 

8th Social Studies: 

Friday, January 31: Have a great weekend!!


As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

Email: twalker@olvbasilica.org





I believe that serving each child with equality and equity is a vital role as an educator and I hope to carry that out as I transition into this new position. I am excited to implement the mission and vision of OLV school throughout the rest of the school year by fostering the education of your child and strengthening his/her values and capabilities.


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