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Mrs. Smith

Physical Education

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My goal in PE class is to create an environment of fun, cooperative learning that educates the student on healthy lifestyle choices. I want to establish and promote healthy habits, but in a way that makes it fun for the child so that, hopefully, these habits might continue throughout their lives. I also want each child to realize that being physically active is not necessarily about being a good athlete; that being physically active, in whatever way he/she chooses so that it is enjoyable, is necessary for life.


Grading Policy

Grades K-2 are graded on a scale of 1-4 in several different areas. Below is an explanation of each grade:

  • 4 – Student has mastered the standard and can use it in different situations.
  • 3 – Student has mastered the standard to expectations.
  • 2 – Student is not proficient but can demonstrate with teacher support.
  • 1 – Student is not proficient and cannot show mastery even with support.


Grades 3-8 receive a numerical grade out of 100 points. Each class is worth a certain number of points each semester depending on how many classes that grade had. For example, if the sixth grade had 10 gym classes the first semester, each class would be worth 10 points (10x10=100).

From there, their mark is based on three areas:

  • Are they prepared for class? Do they have the proper gym clothes to participate? If not, they lose all points for the day (Missing class due to an injury or illness, with a doctor or parent note, is usually not a factor. However, if these are excessive, it could affect their grade).
  • Effort. Even if they don’t enjoy the particular activity of the day, the student should try and to get involved. Notice, they are not graded on ability, but rather effort.
  • Behavior and sportsmanship. Are they cooperating in class? Listening to classroom rules? Are they treating their teacher and their classmates with respect? Do they demonstrate good sportsmanship?

PE is a class without written work. Therefore, most of my grading must be an opinion based upon observation in class.


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