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Mrs. Mullins

Grade 1

Supply List

Weekly Homework...

Monday 3/27- Math-


Tuesday 3/28-  Math-519-520

                 ELA- 3 times each


                        study Unit 20

                        read story- p.60


Wednesday 3/29- Math- 525-526

                     ELA- study Unit 20


                              read story- p.60

                              wkbk. 437 


 Thursday 3/30- Math- 531-532

                 ELA- study Unit 20


                          read story- p.60 



Weekly Reminders...

*We will take part in the Protecting God's Children lesson on Monday. If you do not wish to have your child participate, please make sure you have returned the slip stating that intention by then.

*Book Orders are due on Wednesday, March 29th to ensure delivery prior to Easter vacation.

*Please review the school handbook on the correct uniform policy. The most common infractions I see within the classroom are the wrong type/color of socks and the lack of belts being worn with pants. Thank you for your cooperation!

*The Reading Rodeo is underway!! The children are very excited about the chance to become cowboys and cowgirls!! Once your child has reached the first milestone of 25 books, send their folder back to school so they can receive their first prize. Remember, all sheets must be filled out and signed by an adult.

This week we will...

Math-problem solve; make and read a bar graph; collect data and use it to create a tally chart, picture graph, and bar graph; ask and answer questions about the graphs; complete an assessment on graphing

ELA- spell words with oa, ow;  define adjective and identify in a sentence; identify contractions in sentences; use apostrophes to form a contraction; identify and write singular and plural possessive nouns; read words in and out of context; define and pair antonyms; respond to a prompt in written form with support for the answer; segment and blend the sounds in words with inflected endings; draw conclusions after reading A TRIP TO WASHINGTON D.C.; use adjectives to describe nouns; decode ai, ay; use specific verbs; complete a vocabulary and comprehension assessment for the story on Friday; complete a spelling assessment on Friday

Religion- pray the Glory Be, Hail Mary, and Our Father from memory; listening to and discussing Bible stories relating to Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday; examining the significance of the Last Supper

Social Studies- learn about the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore; complete an assessment reviewing what has been learned about American Symbols

STREAM- LEGO University 


Spelling Words- Unit 21

boat    road    snow    row    yellow    loaf    coat    soap    blow pillow


Weekly Vocabulary 

draw   know   over   Jean   Buddy   tried   show   sign   these   colors   easy   Teddy   right   great   leaves   beach   good-bye   seal   drew   prettier


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