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Mrs. Mullins

Grade 1

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Weekly Homework...

Monday 1/22... Math-

ELA-  study Unit 14

learn vocab.

3 times each

read story- p.52

Tuesday 1/23... Math- 

ELA- study Unit 14 words

learn vocab.

Unit 14- pyramid spelling

read story- p.52

Wednesday 1/24... Math- 351-352, 357-358

ELA- read story- p.52 FLUENTLY


study Unit 14


Thursday 1/25... Math- 363-364

ELA- study Unit 14 spelling words

read story- p.52

study vocab.

wkbk. 330



Weekly Reminders...

* Please read with your child each evening. At this point in the school year, your child should be able to fluently read our weekly reading story with minimal difficulty by Wednesday of each week. 

*Please allow your child to use the Reading A-Z app that you received information on back in early December. This app will assist them in becoming better readers. It models how to orally read each story chosen, and also allows them to read it aloud, too.

*Please begin to send in donations for our Sweepstakes theme basket. Our theme goes along with things that make you cozy and comfortable at home.

*If you have to do so, please send in your child's permission slip, along with the $6.75 fee for our zoo trip. All slips and money are due by Wednesday.


This week we will...

Math- subtract using various strategies; identify similarities in related addition and subtraction sentences; count and write numbers 11 to 19 using place value; count groups of ten; count by ten using dimes; make groups of 10 more and less

ELA- read and decode words with ending sounds -nk and -ng, read and define words with inflected endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing; define compound word; sort words as either compound or not compound; form compound words; synthesize to answer "What if..." questions about the story RUBY IN HER OWN TIME; work on oral fluency; complete both a spelling and vocabulary/comprehension assessment on Friday

Religion- explore what it means to share the Good News with others; discover the meaning of the word Gospel; learn that we share the Gospel with everyone; decide how to tell others about Jesus

Science- begin working on life cycles of animals with the Buffalo Zoo staff; differentiate between vertebrates and invertebrates, carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores

                                Spelling Words- Unit 14

bring   trunk   pink   bank   sang   wing   rink   blank   rang   sunk

                                   Weekly Vocabulary 

always   stays   around   happy    day   my   Jimmy   try   food   by   become    we   everything   grow   horse   stall   me   nothing   go   sky





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