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Mrs. Mullins

Grade 1

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Weekly Homework...

Monday 5/22- Math- 721-722

               ELA- study Unit 28

                        learn vocab.

                        read story- p.138

                        3 times each 


Tuesday 5/23-  Math- 723-724

                 ELA- write 4 Unit 28 sentences with illustrations


                         study Unit 28

                        read story- p.138


Wednesday 5/24- Math- 729-730

                     ELA-  study Unit 28


                              read story- p.138


 Thursday 5/25- Math-



Weekly Reminders...

*Please return the permission slip for the farm trip and the $10.50 fee at your earliest convenience. Thank you!!

*PLEASE REVIEW YOUR CHILD'S ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FACTS TO 20 WITH THEM. As you have noticed, we have been completing timed tests as of late. Many of the children need to practice solving the problems for speed accuracy. At this point in the school year, these facts should be mastered. Thank you for your added assistance! 

* There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, May 26th as part of the long, holiday weekend.

This week we will...

Math- identify attributes of cones and cylinders; look for a pattern to solve problems; combine three-dimensional shapes to make a composite shape

ELA- segment and blend words with vowel sound /oi/ spelled oi and oy; decode words in and out of context; identify details in the story SIMPLE MACHINES; segment and blend words with endings, including two-syllable words; blend and read words with /er/ sound spelled er and or; differentiate between the /oo/ sound in moon and in foot; differentiate between declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences; decode long a spelled ai and ay; complete a spelling assessment on Thursday

Religion- learn about the leaders of the Church, focusing on Pope Francis; learn about the significance of Ascension Thursday

Science- discuss what plants need to survive; devise a plan for caring for the plants; observe a plant that has been uprooted; learn the major functions of the basic parts of a plant; draw the life cycle of a plant; write descriptive sentences to explain each phase; write a plant Haiku

Spelling Words- Unit 28

oil  soil  voice  point  boy  boil  coin  oink  toy  join


Weekly Vocabulary 

thought wood street places today spring kinds instead new cook dance Sue runs book suit baking raises blue scrubbed heavy


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