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Mrs. Mullins

Grade 1

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Weekly Homework...

Monday 4/23... Math- 

ELA- use Unit 23 words for Magic Words activity

learn vocab.


 Tuesday 4/24... Math- 573-574; 580-581

ELA- study Unit 23

write and illustrate Unit 23 words

learn vocab.

read story- PETER'S CHAIR

Wednesday 4/25... Math- 586

ELA- study Unit 23


3 times each for Unit 23 words

read story- PETER'S CHAIR

Thursday 4/26... Math- 

ELA- study Unit 23

study vocab.

read story- PETER'S CHAIR




Weekly Reminders...

* Our field trip to the Botanical Gardens is on Friday. The children should be dressed in their school clothes. It is a Gym day, so Gym uniforms are fine. Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate coat.


This week we will...

Math- compare and order objects by length and measure the lengths of objects using nonstandard units; problem solve using various strategies

ELA- apply knowledge of sound-spelling to decode unknown words when reading; make predictions; read and spell contractions; identify theme in realistic fiction; identify adjectives for how many; build words; summarize stories; identify facts; identify adjectives in sentences; segment and blend words with vowel digraphs ue, ew, ui; engage in an Ezra Jack Keats author study; read and discuss the story PETER'S CHAIR;  complete a Unit 23 spelling assessment on Friday; complete a comprehension and vocabulary assessment on Friday for  PETER'S CHAIR

Religion- explain how my words can either help or hurt someone; differentiate between being a Bucket Filler and a Bucket Dipper; formulate a plan of how to be a Bucket Filler

Science- observe an earthworm; compare and contrast an earthworm to a caterpillar; describe how an earthworm's body parts help it to survive

STREAM- Engineering Design Brief- Build a Word


         Spelling Words- Unit 23

 backpack   flashlight   suitcase   outside   bluebird   inside   baseball   lunchbox   brainstorm   herself

                                   Weekly Vocabulary 

 stood   moon  bright   knit   laugh   black   pies   tie   slice   eight   know   touch   wren   picture   high   wrap   blanket   now   trees   mouth




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