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Mrs. Gannon

Grade 3

Supply List

Monday, 2/11

Adjective worksheet

Study for reading test

Complete math sheet and continue to study math facts

Social Studies test is Thursday

Tuesday, 2/12

Math w/s

Study for Social Studies

Wednesday, 2/13

Study for Social test

Complete Science paper


Thursday, 2/14

Happy Valentine's Day

Science project has been assigned.  It is due March 1


Third Grade is an important step between primary and intermediate levels. It will be new, exciting and a lot of hard work.

My goal is to provide a safe, positive environment for students. I want to develop independent, responsible learners.

I hope each student experiences academic, social and personal growth.

I will encourage students to respect themselves and others.


Grading Policy

All work counts toward the student’s grade-homework, chapter tests and class participation.

There will be weekly Spelling and Reading tests. Chapter tests will be given in Math, Social Studies and Science. Chapter Reviews and Unit Tests are given in Religion.


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