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Week of 4/24

Religion - We will learn about Jesus' love by reading our "Mass Book" and reading about the House of the Lord.

ELA - We will discuss the different parts of speech : nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. We will learn about the short /u/ sound, read /u/ words, high frequency words, and k readers.  We will write sentences in our journals.  We will read and retell stories.


Math - We will complete our chapter on classifying and sorting.  We will begin our chapter on positions and learn the positional words:  above, below, front, and behind.


Social - We will discuss the jobs people do and the tools they use.


Stream/ Science - We will learn about what plants need and the parts of plants.  During our Stream period on Monday, we will plant bean seeds and watch a video showing a bean seed growing.


Reading Rodeo is Thursday, April 27th from 6:30 - 8:00.  Hope to see you there!









Classroom Philosophy

Kindergarten is an introduction to learning in a structured classroom environment. It is important that students learn both academic and social skills to prepare them for the future. It is my belief that all students learn in different ways and come to school with different abilities and experiences. It is my goal to meet students at the levels they are at and have them make the most progress possible through play, social interactions, and interactive lessons. It is also my belief that education is a group effort that requires the home and school to work together to best help the students reach their goals. In encourage parents and families to be as hands on as possible with the learning process.


Grading Policy

Students will be assessed through individual testing, classwork, and informal teacher observations. Report cards are standard based and use a 1 to 4 grading system. Level 1 means the student is not mastering the skill, even with support. Level 2 means the student is not mastering the skill, but can do it with support. Level 3 means the student is meeting standards and has mastered the skill. Level 4 means the student has not only mastered the skill, but can apply it in different situations.


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