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Miss Mickalak

Grade 2

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Monday- (9/25)  1.)  reading journal  2.)  math facts  3.)  water bottle  4.)  Gym tomorrow  5.)  math worksheet pages 65 and 66





Sight Words of the Week- everywhere, live, machines, move, woman, work, world

Story Words- astronaut, experiment, gravity, shuttle, telescope

Vocabulary Words of the Week-  universe, ascend, descend, orbit, enormous, journey, launch, meteorite

Fluency Story of the Week-  Old School

Spelling Words of the Week-  tune, page, nose, space, size, fine, mice, late, cube, blaze, home, vote, erase, spice, confuse

Important Dates in September:

9/19-Parent Back to School Meeting

Parent Reading Volunteers (11:30-12:15):

10/11- Kristen Sikora 11/1-  Amy McCourt 11/29-

10/12- 11/2- 11/30-

10/18- 11/8- 12/6-

10/19- 11/9- 12/13-

10/25- Grace McKenzie 11/15- 12/14-

10/26- 11/16 1/3-


Holiday Sign-Ups

Halloween Christmas Valentine's Day Easter:

napkins:   napkins: napkins: napkins:

 juice box: Jordan juice box: juice box: juice box:

healthy snack: healthy snack: healthy snack: healthy snack:

healthy snack: healthy snack: healthy snack: healthy snack:

dessert treat:  Jack dessert treat:  Bridget dessert treat: dessert treat:

Tips for Reading Journal Homework

**You do not have to time your child, I am more concerned with them self correcting their mistakes throughout the week**

1.      Have your child read the ENTIRE story to themselves.

2.      Time your child while he/she reads aloud for exactly 1 minute.  Do not help fix mistakes. 

3.      If your child is stuck on a word for 2 seconds, say the word & count it as a mistake.

4.      Record the number of words read and the number of errors.  Subtract: words read – errors = total words read correctly.

5.      Now, help fix mistakes.

6.      You may wish to read the story out loud as a model for fluency reading.

7.      Repeat the steps on other days.



I believe that all children learn and grow in different ways.  Each child has individual needs, interests, strengths, and struggles.  My mission is to teach children to learn and grow from their mistakes, to pursue their passions to the best of their abilities, to learn and grow from one another, and to instill a love for learning.  To accomplish this, I will challenge my students to fix their mistakes, I will provide my class with unique and diverse lessons, and I will encourage teamwork and hands on activities.  I will show my class that having fun is an important part of learning. 

Grading Policy:

Independent work, quizzes, tests, and projects are assessed with the standard based system.  A Level One is the starting point where no independent mastery has occurred yet.  Many children begin the school year at a Level One because they are beginning to learn the standards.  A Level Two means the student is starting to get the hang of it.  They can complete some independent work successfully, but still need a teacher close by to answer questions.  A Level Three means the child is doing very well with the standard and has come close to mastering it.  At a Level Three, the child may have even mastered the standard.  A Level Four means the child has not only mastered the standard, but they do not need any assistance at all.  A Level Four means the child is a self-starter and an independent learner who wants to know and find answers to questions that aren't even presented.  Level Four is extremely difficult to achieve and is reserved for exceptional work that goes above and beyond.


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