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Dear Parents:

     Each Monday morning as we stand as a school family around the Advent Wreath, we are reminded that we are preparing and waiting. We prepare our heart to remember Jesus' birth in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago.  I ask the children, what does the birth of Jesus mean to you?  To our littlest ones the mention of Christmas brought excitement as they remember Christmas mornings of the past, the arrival of Santa Claus and presents.  For our older ones it was gift buying or the hustle and bustle the holiday season brings to their families and in their homes.


     During this season of Advent, it is my hope to assist in aiding our school children in realizing that through the birth of Christ, God opened his heart to all of us.  Remember, as we stand in front of the manger and gaze in wonder with Mary, Joseph, the angels, the shepherds, and the Magi, realize the gift God granted us on this special day, the holy child, Jesus;   He is our God.   

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday last week.  The month of December is such a busy month in school and at home.  It's difficult for students to stay focused and on track when they are thinking of Santa Claus, parties, and presents.  Please encourage your child/children to stay the course and work to complete all homework, and study for those important tests during this holiday season.

    Our students are working hard in music practicing for the Christmas concert on the 21st of December.  I hear recorders being played and beautiful carols being sung.  Mrs. Schultz is doing a wonderful job.  Please join us at  in the 12:00 PM in the gym on the 21st of December for the OLV 2016 annual Christmas Concert featuring the most talented and  best children in Buffalo...... no the whole United States!  

    We are well into our second quarter of the year.  We had over 85 students receive the Breakfast of Champions on the 17th of November.   Students who completed all of their homework for the quarter, received pancakes, sausage, and juice cooked by two of the most well renowned chefs in the United States, Mrs. Kraus and Sr. Ellen.  The children ate until it was all gone, five boxes of pancake mix, four family sized packages of sausage, and four large bottles of juice!  

  Many students made the honor roll as well, First, Second Honors, and Merit Roll.  Congratulations goes out to:

First Honors: Daniel Brotz; John Drehs III; Ryan Geary; Kyra Lorden; Catherine Gracon; Alec Matyas;
Daniel Lang; Brian Sibley; Marlee Ventura; Ryan Harrington; Kaitlin Zajac; Anna Gracon; Angelina Larivey
Edmund Brotz; and  Dylan Hernandez

Second Honors:  Cal Croft; Ayden Fraterrigo; Caleb Ventura;Jaida Gorczyca; Sophie Judasz;
Lily Lang;; Kendall Markiewicz; Maeve McNatty; Victoria Sikorski; Julian Wright; Taylor Zajac; Isabella Higgins; Lucy Massari; Elizabeth Sibley; Alexander Viterna; Joseph Lutz; James Perelli; Candace Robinson; Sophia Turchiarelli;  Riley Wick; Jack Chriss; Emma Colello; Christopher Reidy; Grace Agnello; Tyler Brotz; Marko Kasiyan; Brady Kozak; John Matyas; Aiden Mighells; Stephen Palmisano; Anderew Tasseff;  David Markiewicz; Dominica Mariani; Mary Bush; Abby Baun; Andrew Wright; Emily Regan; Haley Browner.

Merit Roll: Sami Algumali;  Dayton Hendrix; Daylan Hendrix; Maya Jones; Ayden Milligan; Spencer Toomey; Annabella Coughlin; Christian Cuneo; Madalyn Diamond; Ashley Patronik; Alexis Robinson; Morgan Wietchy; Abigail Diamond; Peter Diamond; Kiran Wick; Anthony Reyes; Daniel Guarino; Michael Connors; Morgan Cuneo; Kalin Kalinov; Samantha Benes; Tyler Sitarek; Kayla Pietrkiewicz; James Ely; Grace Guarino; Sophia Chandler; Ashley Mateer; Alexander Knight; Matthew Mariani; River Willet; Ryan Barrett; Christian Doody; Alice Duggan; Dominic Velasquez; David Wietchy; Ben Zambron; Olivia Coleman; Anthony Partridge;Thomas Kurdziel; and Amiel Collins. Certificate of Recognition - Mary Grace Wood.   So many of our kiddos have done so well.  I am very proud of our teachers, parents, and students, keep the momentum going!

    I am in the process of starting academic intervention services through Huntington to those students who qualify for it.  Students in fourth grade that scored a 1 or 2 on the state tests are eligible to receive intervention services.  Other students in grades 1-8 were recommended by their teachers.  Huntington will be sending out consent notices to those student's families this week.  Please send them back to school ASAP so I can work with Huntington to get our program started soon.  

    Mrs. Schultz has asked me about beginning an instrumental program for grades 1 through 8.  There have been families who are interested in having their children take instrumental lessons.  I have worked with Jeff Whaling of the Paul Effman Music Service in my past experiences as principal and found that he runs a wonderful program.  He explained that if we have at least ten children interested he could run an afterschool program here at Our Lady of Victory.  Please fill out the questionnaire in your envelope and return it to school if you have an interest.  

    We are trying to tighten up our security here at school.  Please come in and sign your child into school if they come in late.  If you are visiting during the day or working in the classrooms with teachers, you must sign in, in the office and take a visitor's badge.  If you pick up your child early you must sign them out.  

    Thank you goes out to all of our moms and dads for the beautiful Thanksgiving lunch they provided for our students, teachers, and staff.  It was delicious!  I couldn't eat for days...... ok maybe just until breakfast the next day.  Thank you for all that you do!

    Have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas Everyone.  Know that one of the greatest gifts I have been given has been the opportunity to work with, love, and teach all of your children each and every day here at OLV.  You are all a gift!  Merry Christmas!




Mrs. Carolyn Kraus